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    Horse racing , money , moto gp , tour de france , fish and chips , the 1980s , countdown , mini skirts & high heels (not on me). Nothing too abnormal there , haha.
  1. Other stuff..

    Am not sure all the players will love a trip abroad , and not very helpful to their employers is it. Still , compared to Toronto it's positively local. Dont think I'll be going to those venues myself.
  2. 246?

    You're right that such departures don't paint a picture of happiness and harmony and I'm happy to agree that whoever plays deserves a better support from the owner. It's a dangerous game to play less thaan wholeheartedly as that's when lots of injuries can occur. But you're probably right in most what you say above, you see we're on the same side after all.
  3. 246?

    I'd personally like to see a York team doing well in the Championship level with some good local players. That's fine for me. The worry with "playing the dream" in Super League is that you end up with lots of overpaid over ageing Australians. Cos you'll find that's what happens when you have too much money to spend, the cash coming from the media gods that rule the game and have ruined it all at the same time. Mercenary players will just suck money out of the club. Do you really think we'd attract a team to compete well. Have you not noticed the same clubs challenge year after year and the same teams struggle along. Maybe some of us are at an age that makes us happy with what what we have. Maybe we remember when sport was just sport and not primarily a business. The good old days , sorry if you're not old enough to remember those days. Some people aren't as happy and that's the way of life. However , sometime the message comes across that we have to agree with you or are stupid for disagreeing. There are ways of saying things and unfortunately the "clever" responses sometimes given are just divisive. We all know there are two tiers of fans on here , those in the know and those who aren't. Unless you talk to the "not in the know people" as equals you will only lose their respect. I will say though that something does need to happen to bring along a next generation fan base cos there are fewer and fewer young fans. So in that sense I can see why you say there is a need for change, not sure that a new owner would change that or not. Have the football attendances gone skywards since the McGills have been in charge. I dont follow football much (that'll be due to the fact it's no longer primarily a sport ) ,however I do know York aren't doing that well .
  4. 246?

    I'm sure the current coach and players will be delighted to know you'd prefer to be watching a better quality of player in the side. Cos that is how I interpret what's been said. Maybe some of us are happy to see an exciting young team. I'm sure many of the team could have gone elsewhere in the close season and it is to the credit of the club that the majority stuck together. So it isn't all bad. , but it's obviously not good enoough for some. The championship level isn't a bad place to be and there's more to life than super league . The rot for rugby set in when super league came in and television money made the rich richer and the poor poorer. For many maintaining the status quo is a result of that.
  5. 246?

    I live 30 miles north of York , so I have had to travel to every home match and have had to do so for many years. It hasn't been a major hassle. You're the ones missing out by your refusal to watch the team, if you're happy with that then that's fine. I'd have missed out on plenty of great games if I'd decided it wasn't worth the petrol money. I understand both points of view though.
  6. Council statement

    I'm only aware of what I read on here and in the press so find the whole situation baffling. I cannot understand why an elected council treat the rugby club in this way. Is it just me or does anyone else think that the council and indeed the football club should show more respect to the players and backroom staff of the rugby club. It's not as if they have done anything to upset the process. I feel sorry for those people more than anyone else. I dont live in the city so dont know the politics of it all , but why are the team not allowed to train somewhere. Why is that affected by where they play. And if there is a problem then why haven't other local clubs offered their facilities , eg the rugby union team or non league team. That may be a dumb question so apologies if that is the case. Hope it comes good soon but my opinion of those running the project has gone down hill , and it wasn't that high in the first place.
  7. Next Season

    It's good to see that the first names for next season are experienced guys, that should inspire a few doubters that the season wont be doom and gloom. Nev Morrison is a welcome addition in my opinion. I'm feeling happy that we'll be a competitive outfit in this league and much prefer that to looking up the league table at the others , which could well have been the outcome of promotion. Think if the team spirirt is what we were led to believe then the majority of the team should stick together. I got the impression they were enjoying the game and playing for each other , hopefully that ethic will outweigh possible better financial offers. It is a sport and to be enjoyed by the players after all. Am keeping my fingers crossed that the hard work and team building of the past year isn't a waste. That said , as some leave it looks like new guys are coming in and I reckon our coaches know who will fit in and complement what they already have. Need to have a strong half back pairing so I'm looking forward to seeing who will guide us around the pitch. Am glad the squad is being released now , makes checking the forum each day that bit more exciting.