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    Rrrrrrrrr no lol I started reading about it, then lost interest, but my simple answer to it all, how bloody hard is two up a two down ok every league
  2. poolhawk

    Who's coming to Oxford

    I am at Oxford v Hartlepool tonight and staying on still sunday to watch the lads, bloody hell what a wekend I have got, shame I have the wife with me ha ha. Sat having a pint waiting for pools game to start, hope this is going to be a cracking weekend for me, with double celerbration So is there many of us coming down for the game..............If you see a bloke with stood on his own with a hunslet scarf but hartlepool cap, say hi it's me, thats if i can get away from my oxford friends, there rugby union fans, but dragging them to see real rugby, shame there all so oxford footy fans. please pools and hunslet let me have a double wining weekend so i can give them some grief.