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  1. Swinton in trouble...?

    As a rugby league community/family all clubs need to stand together survive and learn from each other
  2. Chris will be a smart quick thinking, dedicated, smart skilful player for your team as proved last Sunday at Rochdale throwing a dummy at a quick play the ball darting through the gap and then converting from the touchline enough said .......... a LIONS fan
  3. Supporters run club-part 2

    Cheers HKR very much appreciated from one fan to another that tenner will hopefully go a long way to saving our club
  4. Swinton in trouble...?

    Much appreciated Benjamaphone we really are a rugby league family we surely must show here to the RFL that whatever colours we wear RL is at our core
  5. Swinton in trouble...?

    Thank you ever so much for taking the time and spending your hard earned cash to try to help our club much appreciated
  6. Very Sad News

    So so sorry for this young lad and his family words cannot fill the real loss of his family, thinking everyone involved ......a Swinton Lions fan
  7. Very Sad News

  8. Swinton Lions who I think you may be aware of are in strife and the club offer reduced admission to any Super league season ticket holder but God forbid would a Super League Club fan even consider watching lowly Championship teams, some tv coverage may help raise profile I think...........who I have to say put just as much effort and passion into the game whilst holding weekday jobs not resting or visiting the pyshios or light training etc lol . Come along guys and see our games starting this Sunday v Dewsbury
  9. I meant that it's us at the moment where being out of the super league incomparrison riches/coverage if we go many others could follow , for now we need numbers to stand together no matter what colours you follow and then going forward if there is a forward......good leadership
  10. Kind words fev fan it's this thinking and empathy that we need from now onwards
  11. Plight of Swinton Lions

    This is a PROUD but devastated Lions fan who from being a glint in his fathers eye has supported Swinton Lions . As many of you may or may not have heard this proud club needs a bit of help. If any of you wonderful and proud of all your separate rugby league clubs would be able to purchase a fabulous book about our 150 year history and many of our players it will go a long way to not let it end up our epitaph. I can't emphasize how this is hurting to put this out there as 'just a fan' but I thought I'd give it a try cheers .If able to help please see swintonlionsrlfc for details thankyou
  12. Dreadful

    I understand your views disgruntled etc but we need to stand strong and get the LIONS back to M27 that is why we still go. I will be there on Sunday against Dewsbury with my dad and my 4 year old son . Let's get out in Swinton and put posters on every blooming lamp post we need to see the badge in the town and shirts walking around not Salford Super League shirts (no disrespect to Salford) PTBB
  13. Rochdale on Sunday

    Cheers roughed we genuinely need to stand together and hope all our clubs survive ,RFL will not help one of founding clubs whether Swinton, Oldham etc yet push and promote white elephant Toronto to say look what we did !!!
  14. Swinton supporters

    Thanks to the hornets fan and roughed I was there on Sunday and felt devastated at plight of our club. Your words are kind but I fear the worst. RFL will stand aside to one of founding clubs I'm guessing yet promote wonder new team Toronto to say look what we have done!!??? Bitter I know maybe but genuinely feel low PTBB