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    Summer bash

    Yes!!! I'm not a Turley fan either and to be honest, I can't remember Swinton winning in a game,which he's reffed us! SUCH IS LIFE !!!!!!!
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    Summer bash

  3. honest tryer

    Summer bash

    I'm not an Oldham basher, ( I have massive respect for the club and their fans.)But if my team had blown a 20pt,half time lead, I would be embarrassed and not looking to blame officialdom SORRY.
  4. honest tryer

    Summer bash

    A lot has been said of the,'was it, was it not a conversion, which robbed Oldham of 2pts.My concern was the try awarded on half-time.The ref was 2yards away and gave no-try.Without conclusive proof, the video ref awarded a try.So in my opinion Oldham were wrongly gifted 6pts.But that for me was the turning point, Oldham thought they had the game wrapped up by half time,sadly they were WRONG!!!!!!
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    Didn't James Brown kick the ball away and easnt there a massive stoppage, when Rettie was injured in a clash of heads! In my opinion, by far the best team, on the day won! To build up an 18-0 lead, going up the hill, against a good side, was a top achievement! Which ultimately, won the game for us!
  6. honest tryer

    Today v Worky

    Absolute stroke of genius! ! If you're playing whilst concussed, it's amazing, what can be done! Along with Fell and Marshall's catches, it was a moment, that changed the game! But next time leave it for a back! !!
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    Today v Worky

  8. honest tryer

    Todays Game

    I've personally given up with this board.I was enlightened to see the headline,' today's game', and was interested in reading, informed comments, regarding our first win of the season! Rightly or wrongly, I have no interest in games played 50+ yrs ago and feel a good outlet to express and discuss, current and topical issues, about our club, has been lost.I am not interested in Facebook or Twitter and will thetefore keep my opinions, to myself and not use this board! !! Catch ya.......
  9. honest tryer

    Major announcement

    Brilliant news! Great to have the land lease, in place and a solid time frame, for the Lions return too Swinton! Well done, to J Roddy and all the board, for the fantastic work, you' ve put in and hopefully, the club will reap the reward, in the long term.Once again,well done to all involved.
  10. honest tryer

    Rob Lever

    Yes! Brilliant signing for the club.After the blow of losing the Hawkyard's, this is a fantastic signing! Well doneJohn Roddy and the board!
  11. honest tryer

    Hawkyards go to Keighley

    Me too! Can't think of a better fullback,outside superleague.It will be interesting to see who takes, Richie's position! For me this is the first,( and only negative,) of John Roddy's tenure and I can't believe both these lads, have signed for Keighley!( no disrespect intended.)
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    New Signings Thread

    Well, I'm absolutely gutted then !!!!!
  13. honest tryer

    New Signings Thread

    Absolutely gutted,if this is true!
  14. honest tryer

    New Signings Thread

  15. honest tryer

    New Signings Thread

    Is there any news about resigning our inspirational captain, Richie Hawkyard and his brother Daz.Two loyal and popular servants, of the club.
  16. honest tryer

    Matt Bradley & Stuart Littler

    Litter is a great signing! He didn't manage to turn back the clock, but he managed to stop it! Playing some great rugby and used his experience, brilliantly! !!
  17. honest tryer

    Oldham vs Keighley

    Good luck on Sunday.You've beaten us twice,(Swinton.) deservedly so and proved you're the best team in the division! Now do you're stuff on Sunday and get in the championship,that's where you're great club,should be! !!!
  18. honest tryer

    todays match

    Hang on a minute! After Swinton lost away to York, you claimed we were poor, a team full of journeyman.Wre continually offside and resorted to headhunting.But you claimed York are a team , full of potential! I don't know whats changed, but I'm looking forward to watching our journeymen against York, it should be an interesting game. Lastly well done Barrow on a great away win! !!!!
  19. honest tryer

    todays match

  20. honest tryer

    Supporters player of the year

    1 Ackers. Awsome season.2.S Littler.Turned back the clock, a great leader and organiser. 3 Morrison/ R Hawkyard. Both very consistant, team players, happy with either.Can name another ten for the top three, everyone deserving an award! !
  21. honest tryer

    New Club Logo

    I really like it.The lion looks aggressive and cultured, just like, the way we're playing, at the moment!
  22. honest tryer

    Great win at North Wales

    J.Duffey, has never made an issue, of our injury situation.He has just got on with his job and tried to put a competative, team on the park.In my opinion both us and Crusaders,took a long time to recover from their I Pro and challenge cup runs.Because of postponements, we were forced to play3 games in 7 days, a situation deemed unsuitable for super league clubs.But they are fulltime( our lads have jobs.) Well done JD and the coaching staff, for preparing the squad well.As for Crusaders,they have good players, a good Coach and have played, some good stuff, this season.At the moment they are just, short of a few squad men!
  23. honest tryer

    Great win at North Wales

    Brilliant performance today! The first 25 mins was awesome,our forwards bashed them and our backs run riot! Took the foot off the pedal for the last 20,but the match, was well won!
  24. honest tryer

    Best player so far

    Morrison fir me, good team man and defensive organiser.But have been impressed this season with, Akers, Lever,Rothwell and Robinson.Keep the faith !!!
  25. honest tryer

    Key Battles on Saturday

    Austin and James, did well as opening props, last week,with Morrison making real impact off the bench.Possibily this format may be repeated, depending on the fitness and availability of Tommy Gallagher.Best of luck to all the lions on Saturday and bring back the cup.