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  1. Ambrose hotel

    Do one you fool. Town have never taken to coaches to a friendly match in their history. Visa ?
  2. Kurt Horton and David Farkas

    I thought they had signed contract ps that's what I was told by a Town player. Only thing waiting for is the nationality docs. May be contracts are subject to getting the paperwork not sure. Best hurry up if not or might find other clubs get interested. Horton looks a real handful in the back row and clubs always looking for scrum halfs.
  3. Kurt Horton and David Farkas

    Look like signing for Town. Horton a try scoring second row and Farkas a scrum half both experienced NSW cup players. Maybe not to late for us to nip in for Horton.
  4. Thamgart

    Signed for Whitehaven but crack is he is living in Oldham and wants a more local club. We haven't seen sight nor sound of him up here.
  5. Thamgart

    Here he may be joining you this season.
  6. Unprecedented three year sponsorship deal been agreed which represents a significant improvement on the previous 50k a year deal. Over the period it' seems its worth a cool 250k and should allow us to rebuild with confidence over the next few years. Well done to all concerned.
  7. New signings

    Not sure we are. Three PNG players Dion Ayie , Maki and Richard Kambbo apparently signed up. Seems we have also resigned Stephen Fox from Egremont so that's 21 signed up. We only have two props in that lot so hopefully a couple of front rowers to arrive. We could also do with a strike centre to play alongside JJP unless Mcavoy is playing there or Kambbo maybe.
  8. New signings

    A couple of PNG Players to add soon as well hopefully.
  9. New signings

    A statement of intent coming from Haven this week as they are set to announce number of new additions from SL and French RL . Two props, a back rower and a centre. They are also closing in on a couple of BARLA int to add to the local contingent of players. Exiting times ahead.
  10. SL 2

    I am not sure funding is agreed yet but it seems we are looking at between 150k and 200k . There is also a strong whisper our Nuclear benefactors are prepared to up the sponsorship for the higher profile league to 100k Throw in other income gate receipts , lottery , an excellent VP contributions etc and we are possibly looking at a turnover of 375 450k Plus . Tax and expenses out with, we should be able to attract some decent players and importantly offer contracts the very best local armatures will be interested in. It could allow us to return to our old playing model.
  11. Great win tonight

    Very tough game tonight. Class told in the end with Parker and some superb passing from Seymour.. Forwards worked very hard despite being light up front. Some real quality in the team when we need it. A win on Sunday will go along way to securing our place in Super league 2 (and to add some ice to the cake send Town down) If we hold this form we could be in line for some serious funding if we make top 6. 13 points from safety fellas 4 wins and a bonus point from 12 games.
  12. Huge tonight good to get a few big hitters back . A win will cast the poorer teams a drift a bit and start to divide the bottom five. Once you enter the last 10 games finishing line gets closer. Probably need a minimum of 38 - 39 point to guarantee safety so 6 wins needed.
  13. Jordan Meads

    Interesting signing by Gateshead of this fella . Played at a decent level and excelled still young as well. Imagine plenty of clubs chasing him given he is a an EU passport holder. Would have been Ideal for championship. Scrum half for NZ Warriors in grand final U 20. They must have some money
  14. Can't believe its true. Anyone know. Three poor results for Cumbria teams yesterday. Haven need to get minimum of 5 points from the next three but ideally more. Defence has not been up to it this year to often. Town blew a great chance to win ...shame stack had a wedding as they would have probably won with him in centre and Forber at half back. Assume it was his own wedding or at least his brothers. Couldn't he have played after the ceremony or did he not wish to miss the reception. Odd one anyway and definite own goal in my view by Town. Barrows future looks better despite results Goulding will turn them around and bring them back up.