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  1. The future ain't what it used to be !

    Are we not missing the point somewhat. To encourage TV companies to invest in sport, it must be worthwhile to them in terms of viewing figures.Therefore, commonsense tells us a popular expansive game will result in more people investing in pay per view television, I think the days are long gone when terrestial tv can compete with the PPV companies. Which leads us to conclude if the sport is to attract long term longevity it really has to commit to a expansive growth out side the traditional heartlands.It has to attract viewers nationwide to convince the investors,there money is going to show a return which is the reason they are in the business in the first place. Sky are the only company at present who seem willing to invest in league, I'm sure the BBC would like to but they are restricted by financial restraints.The question is how long will Sky be willing to invest in the sport if it thinks it has peaked and cannot generate future growth