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  1. Hull-White Rose?

    What league are Dockers A team in this year, a few lads I know from Norland said they were a decent team when they played in the council cup last year, was a close game by all accounts
  2. Hull-White Rose?

    be a big ask keeping all the players til march (i think there season finished in june) thats 9 months without a game, unless they play friendlies. Perhaps they could do what beveley did and just complete their league games and not take part in any cups .
  3. Hull-White Rose?

    We may not get the other clubs back , but we need to face facts we have to rebuild. There are not enough quality players to make 20 teams competative. If we went down to 12 and it became a competative league again, then perhaps clubs like beverley/west hull/ hull wyke /norland/skirlaugh (you get my point) would stay or come back to the hull and district and then we have a competative league of 15/18 and begin to grow again. I would also try and attract teams like Titans to eventually develop an open age team. It is getting incredibly harder for clubs with no youth team to continue (I know some do but they are few and far between, I think the days of pub teams is coming to an end ) Just of my head If we went with a league of 12 norland nhk three tuns myton dockers reckitt/lambwath bilton/fenners isberg cott east hull hull wyke titans open age most clubs have a youth section and those that dont have a big catchment area i.e norland , north hull (who could pick up young players from myton) Im not saying this should be the league just throwing something out there, if I have missed any clubs of sorry not meant to offend anyone . If you had that league and could entice , beverley, skirlaugh, west hull back then the numbers will start to grow.
  4. Hull-White Rose?

    Numbers are dwindling across the game (despite what the RFL say). In Hull im not sure there are enough players to support 20 teams in the hull and district league . I know teams like Reckitts and Lambwath are struggling for numbers this year. We need to do something to generate interest in the game again.. I personally think we should look at maybe merging a couple of teams and maybe drop down to 12 teams to create a stronger comp. Im not saying I have the answer or suggesting which teams should merge, but the standard of rugby across the leagues last year was dreadful (and yes I am actively involved in a club that plays in the Hull and District). Once we have a strong league again we need to look at rebuilding and maybe expanding but at the moment we are trying to build on weak foundations.
  5. Hull-White Rose?

    I agree Taxi , The hull and district really does need freshening up, As I stated previously I think this is a bit late for this season but I would definately be in favour of putting something in place for next season onwards, allowing team the chance to raise sponsorship and make sure they have a team committed to travelling etc .
  6. Hull-White Rose?

    my only worry is , some clubs struggle to raise teams for hull games without the added pressure of travelling , and cost to the clubs for transport etc . I seem to remember a few clubs pulling out of games at scarborough due to not been able to raise a team
  7. Hull-White Rose?

    Is it not a bit late in the day to be bringing this up, When does the season start? This sort of thing should have been discussed months ago to allow clubs (hull and cms) the chance to discuss it in house to see if its something (i.e travelling) is something they can/will committ to. All seems a bit last miniute and rushed to me . However I do agree it is a good idea in principle
  8. Hull-White Rose?

    The problem we have in Hull is that a lot of clubs/players have lost faith in the current committe to run the league correctly, I doubt the cms thing will go ahead . It will be the same stale league it was last year, run by peoiple so out of touch with the modern game, meaning more coaches and players drifting away from the game
  9. West Hull

    No players at dockers from west hull, thats why i asked what was going on. I know pucko is at skirlaugh , not sure about other players
  10. Today's results

    A lot of dockers u17s played a team rugby last year, sometimes had as many as 6/7 u17s in the team ,
  11. Serious question, what has happened down at west hull this year. Not stirring just asking. I haven't seen to much of them this year, have they lost a lot of players?
  12. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    any new faces down at pre season last night, there must be a few east hull / skirlaugh boys who want to play in the premier this season,
  13. hearing a cheeky rumour that there will be no replay for the Tom Beautiman cup and that Beverley have agreed that dockers were the better team on the day and have agreed as it was only two mins til the decision would have stood have agreed dockers were the deserved winners, If true congrats to dockers on the trophy and congrats to Beverley for such great sportsmanship. Hope Adam is making a speedy recovery.
  14. Hope Adam has a speedy recovery, any one have an update on his condition ref the hypothermia .
  15. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    Was at Dockers A team game on sat, seem to have a few youngsters in the team, hopefully see a few pushing in to the first team in the coming season, The hooker (Liam Smith I think) tore Beverley to shreds at times , two young centres and two young half backs, lets hope the club give these kids a chance instead of relying on the same old heads again this season