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  1. promotion

    I.m.o this is a bit of a moot point because everyone fans, players and everyone in the club want to win every game,wherever that takes you, the fifty percent that say stay in championship 1 for a nother season or so would not criticise anyone if that is to be . Just can't keep my nose out!☺
  2. Danny Jones

    Oh sorry I know the post was about Danny I have always been an attention seeker Lol.
  3. Danny Jones

    Thanks everyone I will miss my visits to barrow I have enjoyed every minute, only really sank in this morning how much I will miss my mini pub crawl before the game and of course the game it's self,I will continue to follow the raiders from a distance cheers
  4. Tonights game

    And sorry that is not taking anything away from the two magnificent tries of Shane Toal well in mate 7
  5. Tonights game

    None of barrow elite turned up today but I loved Luptons try it was poetry
  6. Half price Raiders tickets with Evening Mail eVouchers!

    I'm not sure what to make of this promotion because it seems to me that the people buying them are already regular supporters, and this is surely counter productive.
  7. Half price Raiders tickets with Evening Mail eVouchers!

    There is only one way to get people through the turnstiles and that is with good performance and if they leave the stadium happy they will return.
  8. fed up

    Don't think it was Freudian Ron, I think it was more of a ciderian slip as I was still celebrating the fantastic win
  9. fed up

    Well the game yesterday certainly made my efforts worthwhile, had a great day thanks to the lads,sadly I am not able to get to the next couple of games but I canot wait for the next time COYB.
  10. fed up

    Just booked infield b&b abbey rd great,COYR.
  11. fed up

    Thanks all not given up yet
  12. fed up

    St helens,morty. Stayed a couple of times at the Majestic for £35 very good tried to book yesterday and they wanted £50 ,looked at others £45 was best i could find without going to far out.
  13. fed up

    I have been going to the Saturday home games and staying over in barrow, really enjoyed it,unfortunately hotel price has taken a sudden hike and this along with the train fare has priced me out Gutted.
  14. Tonight's game

    Rochdale so many positives Barrow to many negatives. disappointed.
  15. Match highlights

    Yes the high lights, sorry mate could not resist