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  1. will sharp

    Will championship player off the week great news I think he is one of the best player in the championship never stops keep going & going fantastic man all the best will keep up the good work
  2. Next Season

    Me and my son will always be fev supporters till the day i die I will be blue & white the glory supporters can go down the road next year some probably heve gone already that's the glory support here today gone tomorrow the featherstone rovers family will support the blue & white what ever happens
  3. Next Season

    Same old SL just looking after SL now news there then and the championship being s### on again is there no justice in this game
  4. a wins a win

    Fist time I've posted in six weeks I've not been very good but a win is what we need keeps fev in the top 2 just hope we can finish the rest of the season the same way and I can make the game on Sunday and lets get behind the lads Come on you fev