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  1. @craftsmancues asked about cue last week. Some pics here to c what its worth

  2. Am on nut bus thanks Maureen
  3. Just wondering if its possible to get a lift if anybody travelling over in car
  4. Wakeys.there saying it on wakeys forum so don't no many players do we need
  5. Defo wouldn't turn him down great player
  6. Groundsman said he had signed so don't no don't need him anyway where's he going to fit
  7. Al have a look thanks Maureen
  8. Fev 36 hunslet 10
  9. Not long now lets get there in numbers to support the boys
  10. We have a big enough squad not a big problem at the moment
  11. I dint see the facebook page got telled so don't no
  12. The rhino is on facebook with is plane tickets
  13. Are we ready lets get there in numbers