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  1. Thanks maureen
  2. Can you pay on gate 2moz
  3. @craftsmancues asked about cue last week. Some pics here to c what its worth

  4. RT @InfoFevRovers: Big Fella's Stadium looking good in the summer sunshine

  5. Am on nut bus thanks Maureen
  6. Just wondering if its possible to get a lift if anybody travelling over in car
  7. Wakeys.there saying it on wakeys forum so don't no many players do we need
  8. RT @InfoFevRovers: Not long now for the visit of @OfficialBullsRL to the Big Fellas Stadium on 1st March. Should be a cracker!…

  9. Defo wouldn't turn him down great player
  10. Groundsman said he had signed so don't no don't need him anyway where's he going to fit
  11. Al have a look thanks Maureen
  12. Fev 36 hunslet 10
  13. Not long now lets get there in numbers to support the boys