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    He might come out like a raging lion sparking folk out left right and centre

    When's Fafita playing ?

    No one comments on the forum for 2 days but it's me who gets singled out for not posting ..... It's not my fault I'm not orgasmic over a win away at a very seemingly poor Sheffield team ... Everyone now seems to think batley is a for gone conclusion ... Like I've said if we lose Sunday last weeks result is immaterial
  4. Sheffield Match

    Sandy you've been over critical of PLAYERS who play for this club over the weeks .. Maybe it's you who should be swallowing the pill ... A win away at Sheffield .. Awesome no one predicted that .. But it's how they build in this that is more interesting .. Lose to batley and its immaterial
  5. Sheffield Match

    Yes but don't anyone say they "knew they would win" I've said big raps to the PLAYERS .. No one else .. Some on here seem to firstly pick at what I say rather than congratulate the team .. Shame really
  6. Sheffield Match

    Why didn't verlinden play ? Not tooth ache again
  7. Sheffield Match

    Big raps to the players good unexpected win - let's kick on next week
  8. Tee Ritson

    Well it will be reflected how the locals feel in the attendance v batley Can they win today ?
  9. Jamie Doran

    Not miserable at all..I think it's realism your looking for
  10. Sheffield Match

    Is it tomorrow this game ?
  11. Jamie Doran

    Stacks 80 minutes I'd be tempted to put him at 3 tho to cancel out MY
  12. Jamie Doran

    So there's no Sammut in the squad again ?
  13. Jamie Doran

    Why's stack on the bench ?
  14. Jamie Doran

    Thing that I really find hard to understand with the latu situation is .. The clubs at the bottom of the league - performances have been the worst in years .. We have signed some of the worst duds we've seen (and there's been a few) .. We say we haven't got any money ... BUT we have a guy there on a full time contract plus extras car etc ... Who realistically won't be hitting any straps this season even if he starts to play Sunday ... Hes been out for 12 months and to be honest looked awfully average / out of shape when he first came ... I'm sure the guys a good lad with a lovely family and good to be around the community side of the club (if that's still going?) and he's had awful look .. but how can we justify this ? Someone needs to get a hold of this club and make some decisions .. We have players jetting off abroad leaving us short for playoff games .. We have a player going against veivers and playing at twickenham.. We have a marquee signing on the biggest contract we've paid in years getting injured at touch n pass after just coming back from injury preventing him from doing preseason ... We lose our best player / try scorer to haven over a trivial matter ... And they wonder why fans are ###### OFF !! Lose v batley and it's the end .. Forget Sheffield we ain't winning away anytime soon
  15. Tee Ritson

    The Aussies will be in no doubt prolonging their holidays