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  1. Newcastle Thunder v Raiders

    I was only making a valid view on a forum i sat in their stand and there were not 1500 in attendance the only queue at 2.40 was at the cash turnstiles hardly anybody going through the ticket only entrance.and a staff comment about the tickets I was not disparaging the kids or the Thunder performance just pointing out what i felt was part of our failings. I didnt ramble on about dissecting components of the game . Only referred to our weakness in our goal kicking , it was six tries to 5 fact , both sides converting 36-30 I enjoyed the game and my rare day out at your stadium.
  2. Newcastle Thunder v Raiders

    The sold tickets were evidently 1000 free , i would estimate without our following aprox 100 the net in attendance would have been aprrox 400. for the thunder. Never understand why clubs do this . However when playing away we make the same mistakes , their first try a charge down from a panic field kick and after we had fought back going into the lead ,lo and behold dropped the ball from the restart and conceded a try which was minutes before half time. . So we were always behind the 8 ball for the second half and playing panic passing losing possession early . Early days greenshoots but only 1 conversion from 5 , Not easy positions but will be very important in future games the scoreline could have been 36- 30
  3. The RFL are the complete mystery and have made a mockery of this years challenge cup .
  4. This was a challenge cup thread sadly hijacked by a Leigh luv in . i really hope that you are both drawn together in the next round .For whatever Oxford and others have been introduced to the professional side of the game. Leythers ypu are now in a good place but dont forget tour recent past.
  5. Oldham 3 Ron Banks 0

    Is there a comments block on this game ? Nil reports or attendance etc.?
  6. Championship & Ch1 Cup Gates

    hhmm worky and haven all stars not pulling them in
  7. Are they still in place for championships 1 and 2. As prior to the re structure i think it was 300000 + for the championship and 175000 for championshio 2. Or a free for all with S/l teams being in the lower frame now ?