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  1. JR's fans' pep talk on Lions TV

    Thanks for the feedback and I am pleased to hear that our positive style of communication is appreciated - As you heard in the interview on Lions TV improving communication with our supporters is a major and continual objective for the management. The point I was trying to make in the interview regarding the development of a new stadium in Swinton and not entirely buying into the old adage 'Build it and they will come' was that during the next 2/3 years together we have to find ways of increasing our home support and once we move into a new stadium we are regularly achieving home support of hopefully two thousand to a game. I do agree that when a stadium is built we will see further support within the local community for sure - however in my opinion we cannot settle on 500 supporters (2015) remaining the same until 2018/19 - that would mean possibly waiting for 2020 to reach 2000 supporters. The work to increase home support started last season and we must work harder to increase that - I believe that we can do it ! Hope this clarifies the point I was trying to make. Best wishes, John
  2. Hawkyards go to Keighley

    None taken
  3. Lions TV

    Hi Wayne we are doing exactly that at the moment and I am sure we will see an even better service next season.I think both Colin and Chris have done a fantastic job and the full coverage of the final on Lions TV plus post match interviews and celebrations are outstanding! John
  4. We are not alone

    Like it will chat through with Duffs... John
  5. We are not alone

    The short answer is yes it continues however we obviously want to do a good deal more - we intend as soon as possible to announce our community plans in more detail which will be far more structured... to be presented at our board meeting on Friday.. John
  6. We are not alone

    There is always more that can be done, however from my personal point of view from where we were last year to where we are now is massive - we are actually seeing more support from MEN (some recent good articles) and in fairness Neil Barker through social media supports our own stories regulary. This will get better, has the season progresses. I have personally been pleased with the coverage by RL extra on BBC Radio Manchester - Trevor Hunt/Jack Deardon are fully behind us and planning again to interview us ahead of the Cup Final. Salford City Radio - Sportszone brilliant coverage of the the club (Tuesday nights)! Salford Online - Editor and reporters support us regulary. Twitter - we have approx 3300 followers and receive RT's in advance on many Championship clubs..600 followers I believe on Facebook. Our news stories on our website are regular and appear to be well received! I am or any other Director are always happy (including Duffs) to be interviewed by any type of media - If we can get support anywhere else be assured that we will to promote our club and brand. Media work for us is very demanding on personal time but and the majority is without doubt on line or through local radio. John