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  1. Leigh match

    If your Uncle had worn a skirt I believe you'll find he was a crossdresser and to be your Aunt would require some gender realignment activity
  2. BullBuilder outline concerns over £2 ticket upgrade

    The £2 applies to all supporters home, away or neutral and not just Bradford, it may well be full of Rovers fans so any whining BullBludgers may not need to dip into their pockets for that extra two quid. Official complaint you sad, sad people. My advice turn up pay up and enjoy the day.
  3. Toronto

    Auckland to Perth 5343 Kilometres Toronto to Manchester 5491 Kilometres Toronto to Batley 5519 Kilometres Not much in it, but the Warriors have a slightly shorter trip
  4. They've had some good moments and this year is the first they have actually finished bottom. Salford, Huddersfield, Castleford, Halifax and Leigh (one season two wins, one draw) all relegated and Leigh were rescued from dropping into the third tier when Gateshead went belly up So Leigh's record is not exactly something to get excited about and as the odds suggest they won't be SL in 2016 only time will tell if the Leigh brand of rugby be maintained.