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  1. Even a free ticket wouldn't get me going there.
  2. Read the beginning of my post again KTF. £13 for a five year old. I think thats taking the pi** never mind the mickey.
  3. Due to the fact that it's £13 for my 5 year old Grandson i will not be attending the game. Personnaly i think it's a joke and the RFL need to step in and do something about it and that includes paying £22 to stand at Odsal where you don't even get a brolly included with that if it rains.
  4. This is great news. Players commiting not just for next season but the season after as well. Think i will have to put paw to paper and commit my services until the end of the 2018 season aswell.
  5. Yes a poor draw for us. Probably the worst we could get as they are a big team and will bring hardly any fans. Doesn't help that Dewsbury could be at home on the same day aginst Wigan.
  6. Got to admit that i was like the Dog with the proverbial 2 when i saw it. Even got the away strip too which looks very smart. Just like to say a BIG thank you to Mick Turner from Ravensport for sorting it out and getting it ready on time and also the sponsors who sponsor the shirts ( although i still haven't seen any free Doggy treats yet lol ).
  7. Looking forward to the start of the season and should have my new shirt and shorts in time for the big kick off. Just hope the Morons from Leigh that decided it would be fun to spit at me don't turn up and mess my new shirt up. Hence i have not darkend LSV since. But that apart i hope it's a cracking game and shows the Duper League what we can serve up in the Championship.
  8. I'm glad people have noticed the state of the Mascot. To be honest i nearly didn't go out on Boxing Day because of the state the outfit is in. The whole suit is now 16 years old and is becoming very threadbare. Myself and my partner Adele have carried out numerous repairs on it ourselves. I didn't wear the white part of the suit because basically it isn't white anymore and has all manner of stains on it. The shorts were the only ones (except a second pair of the same) that were in the bag. Where the white ones from last season have gone i have no idea. Those red ones are from a football club that has borrowed the outfit on a couple of occasions. I understand i am getting a new shirt before the season begins. I was quite embarrased after the game to be honest cos my good friend Roger the Ram told me that quite a few comments were made to him about the state of the Mascot. All i can say is that i will do my best for the coming season.
  9. This is a tidy ground and not really far from the railway station. A lot better than where they were playing previously but there again so was Alt Park Huyton.
  10. Some good ideas therebut unfortunately, unlike Batley fans who turn up at Ram Stadium, a lot of Dewsbury fans for some reason boycott coming up to "The Mount".
  11. Thank God i'm working but wouldn't have gone anyway.Won't darken LSV's doors again when playing Leigh there.Worst fans i have come across and defo worst stewards.Did nothing when i was spat at by a group of fans a few years ago.I will point out that not all their fans are the same but it only takes a few to spoil the rest.
  12. I turned up to both games with full intention of metamorphing into Battler but unfortunately he has been lent out to 3rd parties who for some reason have failed to return him to his rightful kennel.Hopefully he will return for the Bulls game but this depends on what my dshifts will be at work.
  13. I've been asked on a few occasions if i had retired from been Battler as i have attended the last 2 games but not donned the outfit.I would just like to point out that i haven't packed in it's just that Battler seems to have broken off his leash and hasn't found his way home yet.Heres hoping he manages to return home in time for the Bull's game in 2 weeks.
  14. With repect to Dane Mr Hicks was only gonna give a penalty but i observed him put his hand to his ear piece and then went to his pocket and pulled out the Red card.He won't admit it but he was told by someone else to send him off.Spoke to a lot of Giants fans in the Cellar bar after the game and every single one of them said he should not have walked and that the best team lost.Another case of the RFL not wanting a minnow through at the expense of a Duper League club(and that is not a spelling mistake).
  15. I would just like to point out that posts made by Bulldog Days are nothing to do with me(Battler the Bulldog) although the picture they are using is of me.