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  1. RT @OrlandoCitySC: Always a part of our new home. #OrlandoUnited

  2. good stuff. Broncos rubbish today but toughed it. Skolars good value by the sounds of it
  3. Have you tried ordering online again from here: do sell them at home games i know
  4. Order your copy of the #RLDS fanzine here! In Issue 2 we look forward to the coming season for the #RLDS League One clubs. How will the All Golds, Skolars, Hemel and Oxford fare in 2016? We pay tribute to Harold Genders - the man who brought rugby league to London and speak to the London Broncos Supporter Association, as well as examining the Broncos' moves from Twickenham to Barnet and now to Ealing. We take in a dose of student rugby league in the Oxford-Cambridge Varsity match. There's regular columns from the Guv'nor and Ian Ramsdale too along with our community roundup and a look at the exciting, new London Broncos signing Israel Eliab. Pre-order now!
  5. Just got my copy, it's great! Community - Game of the month - Debbie Knight narrates the Skolars/Wigan Capital Challenge game - Round up of all things going on - Devon, Gloucestershire, Brixton, Brunel and more. - David Lawrenson previews the Varsity match Professional - Dan Fowler profiles Andrew Henderson - the right man to lead the Broncos? - Tim Griffiths charts Sean Morris' rise from Oxford Blue to Belle Vue - The Guv'nor - a former Broncos programme columnist returns The greater game - Phil Caplan serves up a dish of contemplation and reflection on rugby league's boundary pushing history - George Clarke discusses what RL could learn from the RWC Heritage - Old match report courtesy of League Express - Luke Dorn's first Broncos game against Warrington - Peter Lush talks about two South Africans who were part of a London Crusaders title race
  6. imagine how much stronger rl could be had we stuck to our guns....
  7. And a new fanzine!
  8. Sounds great. Preordered.
  9. piece here why RL fans should get out and vote for Sir Kev
  10. amen to that. in 2015 people want big events rather than third tier games. They want to spam instagram and facebook with their big days out, not 300 people watching Barrow v All Golds.
  11. so, because it's in October people won't go? Yet the RFL must have tonnes of data from the North East. The casual sports fan is more likely to want to see England than Wakey v Cas. Anyone can buy into the national team. You can't do that with one small w.yorks town v another small w.yorks town.
  12. The 13,000 North East locals at St James for Magic would no doubt be interested in a game at Kingston Park v the French for example, and reengages their interest. You enjoyed Magic? Great, come see the national side, oh and whilst you're here there's a L1 team called Thunder based here too, why not go watch them? Add a few travelling fans from Cumbria, Yorks, Lancs and wherever and you'll be close to a sell out. Go to Leigh and it looks like we don't even want to play the French.
  13. Indeed. THINK SMALL. APPEAR SMALL. It's what the RFL are good at unfortunately
  14. good idea here. glad to see rl spreading and for a £1 donation can't complain
  15. think this sums a lot of things raised; broadcast on free-to-air TV, give sponsors a return, develop players and make intl rl take precedent.