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  1. Reni

    If this story from February this year is anything to go by, with him being described as 'Recently Retired Reni Maitua', then I wouldn't hold your collective breath about him pulling his tripe out to get over here for you men.
  2. First game vs Hunslet on monday night at Wakefield

    I do know that they have been in contact with Leigh Centurions to try and get the games switched. So there is little confidence in it being playable even in mid-March......
  3. What's your top six 2015

    I suggest you subscribe to Leigh Centurions TV and catch the game against a very strong and committed Wigan side on Sunday. Yes it was a friendly, but I can assure you that there is NEVER a friendly between Leigh and Wigan and bragging rights are paramount! The full time training has really helped them in fitness and size. I can assure you there won't be any of the slip ups you predict.
  4. Switched

    Batley have just Tweeted that the game will be played at their stadium (Fox's Biscuits Stadium) on 18th January.
  5. Paul Wood ?

    Pontefract or Perpignon..........
  6. Next Season

    Just a general remark aimed at nobody :-) Everything in it is true. All told its not been a bad season for Fev. Leigh have been better this season simple as. As an outsider looking in there are a lot of doom and gloom mongers on here. You are second in the table. Nothing is there to suggest that you wont remain there. This TV money for next year isn't going to be the answer to all yours or any other teams problems, but it should steady the ship for a while.
  7. Next Season

    Not really been a bad year jt, just a bad couple of months. You were taken in by a proven con merchant. You weren't the first, but through that you still hold second place.
  8. Next Season

    This wouldn't happen anyway as Leigh are not, and will not in the future hopefully, Dual Registered with Wigan.