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  1. Neophyte Hornet

    Hornets v Oldham

    We'll be there, going to be a great game... Hopefully we'll keep our heads, and start reducing our penalties... no sin-bins tomorrow, .. Best revenge for the 'sucker punch' will be beating them cleanly on the field.. StingEmHornets
  2. Neophyte Hornet


    Hope we don't come out to 'The Eye Of The Tiger' by Survivor as usual , Or it could be a very short appearance
  3. Neophyte Hornet


    Hope he plays against us in March, we know how to wind him up, Hopefully he'll spit out his dummy and start slapping earlier then we'll only have to play against 12
  4. Neophyte Hornet

    So very close.

    Great game, never thought I'd hear Super League Fans screaming to the Ref about poor decisions, usually they'll be so far in front, Refs decisions wouldn't be so crucial .. Great strength from all our squad, Season starts next week, and I think we will throw in a few surprises in 2017..
  5. Neophyte Hornet

    Useful information for tomorrows game

    Thanks for the info , we'll be there tomorrow, can't wait to see stadium.
  6. Neophyte Hornet

    Law Cup back home

    What a night , Great team effort, not many weak points tonight.. Feeling positive and renewed confidence with our 2017 squad.. Still getting to know some off them after losing so many of last years great players, but from what I've seen so far this season, we seemed to have formed another great squad this year..
  7. Neophyte Hornet


    Wow Enjoyed Bower Fold , great to be able to walk around, and easy parking nearby. Had a chat with couple of your fans before match and son got his picture with your mascot Roary, Didn't notice much bad chanting by your fans... ,will definitely visit again. Didn't see the fight at the end, too busy celebrating at the time..
  8. Neophyte Hornet

    James Tilley

    One of our best this season, great player brilliant tackler and hardly ever gives away a penalty, good level headed lad.. Our Loss... we seem to be losing a lot of our 'Heroes' from this season...
  9. Neophyte Hornet

    Ryan Bradley

    He has done great things at the club,and has always been very approachable, hope he still pops down to watch the lads in the Summer. Best of Luck..
  10. Neophyte Hornet

    Toulouse vYork

    Sugar, thought York might have caused them trouble, Going to be a battle for second place this season then, C'est La Vie ...
  11. Agreed, Think York are capable of an upset,and slowing Toulouse's progress... York's got a great tough squad..
  12. Neophyte Hornet

    Away day blues

    I listened to the game on BBC Radio York as I kept losing signal on our Rochdale13 commentary, Everyone thought we would have the advantage, having rested and more time to prepare, Yorks manager was very kind to us after the game,saying positive things about us, The commentators also loved 'Paul Crook,Johno,Wayne English etc... They seemed geared up for a 'Clash of Titans' but ended up with a York Exhibition.. Think we need to show this match, in preparation to our other games to show us 'How it SHOULDN'T be done' ... Heads Up and lets get another 10 wins in a row.....
  13. Neophyte Hornet

    70 today!

    Great 70 pt's , Nice rest for the boys before our 'Away Tour' .. Going be a tough month. South Wales, did well to keep their composure and carry on playing decent rugby, it would have been easy for them to loose a grip and end up flying in on tackles and players getting injured. Hats off to Scorpions for continuing to keep it professional and allowing the game to flow... They'll get stronger every year (my favourite foreign team )
  14. Neophyte Hornet

    Oxford Vs Hornets

    Well Done another win, Disagree with calling this division a 'Joke Division' and there is never a 'Easy Game' , our players will tell you a tackle from a 17 stone Oxford Prop hurts as much as it would in any division, and they always treat every team with respect and go through the same pre-match preparations ... Lets not advertise ourselves as a over confident,arrogant fan base ... We are still a small club,who are lucky enough this season to have found a great squad who give 100% every week. Next week its South Wales Scorpions, and I will look forward to seeing if they have improved and thank them for making the journey another Small Club with a Big Heart..
  15. Neophyte Hornet

    Jo Taira

    Toulouse Player Charged with Category E = 4-8 game ban for biting