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  1. One of our best this season, great player brilliant tackler and hardly ever gives away a penalty, good level headed lad.. Our Loss... we seem to be losing a lot of our 'Heroes' from this season...
  2. He has done great things at the club,and has always been very approachable, hope he still pops down to watch the lads in the Summer. Best of Luck..
  3. Sugar, thought York might have caused them trouble, Going to be a battle for second place this season then, C'est La Vie ...
  4. Agreed, Think York are capable of an upset,and slowing Toulouse's progress... York's got a great tough squad..
  5. I listened to the game on BBC Radio York as I kept losing signal on our Rochdale13 commentary, Everyone thought we would have the advantage, having rested and more time to prepare, Yorks manager was very kind to us after the game,saying positive things about us, The commentators also loved 'Paul Crook,Johno,Wayne English etc... They seemed geared up for a 'Clash of Titans' but ended up with a York Exhibition.. Think we need to show this match, in preparation to our other games to show us 'How it SHOULDN'T be done' ... Heads Up and lets get another 10 wins in a row.....
  6. Great 70 pt's , Nice rest for the boys before our 'Away Tour' .. Going be a tough month. South Wales, did well to keep their composure and carry on playing decent rugby, it would have been easy for them to loose a grip and end up flying in on tackles and players getting injured. Hats off to Scorpions for continuing to keep it professional and allowing the game to flow... They'll get stronger every year (my favourite foreign team )
  7. Well Done another win, Disagree with calling this division a 'Joke Division' and there is never a 'Easy Game' , our players will tell you a tackle from a 17 stone Oxford Prop hurts as much as it would in any division, and they always treat every team with respect and go through the same pre-match preparations ... Lets not advertise ourselves as a over confident,arrogant fan base ... We are still a small club,who are lucky enough this season to have found a great squad who give 100% every week. Next week its South Wales Scorpions, and I will look forward to seeing if they have improved and thank them for making the journey another Small Club with a Big Heart..
  8. Toulouse Player Charged with Category E = 4-8 game ban for biting
  9. Cant rain on our parade.... A very memorable game, we were hoarse after it,so much drama... At one stage I though we were going to loose 0-60 ... But we got up on the tackles and soon Toulouse's confidence seemed too disappear. I don't think we will give them as much credit next time if we meet,it was a unknown quantity but we now know their weaknesses. It was nice to score points against them, I'm sure a few teams in our league will cause them trouble,they aren't as 'Elite' as their previous games would suggest.
  10. Brilliant game, exhausted watching it,never mind playing it.. Think a lot teams in our league will like to watch the game and see how easy it was to upset the French.. any strict referee would have sent off 2 or 3 of their players.... they soon lost discipline and their game play went out the window... Brilliant calm heads on our player,who concentrated on the game not getting involved in the squabbles.... Enjoyed the entertainment before the game, everyone went to great effort to showcase this match and was great to tie it in with St Georges Day celebrations... Sod Toulouse let them sulk , hope a few teams get under their skin this year..... Never thought I'll see a Rugby League Team diving for penalties,biting and scratching then moaning to the ref like spoilt brats..
  11. Looks like poor Jo is getting a ban for a few weeks, Category 'D' offence (3-5 games) Could have done with him,tough couple of games ahead....
  12. 'Hats off to you lads' Great result... Hopefully you'll get a good draw for the next round.
  13. Definitely promoting rugby league in the town, hopefully we'll get a good crowd... The board are 'thinking outside the box' this year, the scratch cards are a good idea also..
  14. Well I would have settled for a 38-16 score before the match. Especially without the dependable Crook.. Another win and still up on the league. So many playing well, if we have a full squad Toulouse will feel the sting in our tails.. Not sure what our game plan is against Widnes but we definitely don't want injuries, be nice to put a good show on for so called Super League Elite.
  15. The bad thing about giving people a choice of a family area is The next time I tell a idiot to stop shouting the C*** word etc.. he might tell me we should be in the family area? It will only work if the people in the grown up area .... ACT GROWN UP lol...