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  1. Pete Green

    Spelly on Radio 5 Live Today

    Whooo-de-doo! 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Pete Green

    Jack Murphy

    Jack Murphy left us end of last season and now plays in Queensland, Oz.
  3. Pete Green

    Squad numbers

    Possibly next Thursday (10th), at the Legion?
  4. Does anyone have a Windows XP Home Version SERVICE PACK 2 installation CD, or Windows 7 installation CD to lend me? I need to install Windows on a partition of my Mac, so I can try and run the match day programme software from it. Cheers Pete
  5. Pete Green

    North Wales Crusaders

    Pretty good demonstration from NWC on how to make the ball do the work!
  6. Pete Green


    Hmmm. I can appreciate opinions from all of the above. Competitive scrums were a mess, with both hooker's feet almost sticking out of the tunnel, but there was always the chance of winning the ball against the head and it did provide good opportunity for fisticuffs, plus many of the Lion's beautifully balletic moves were started from scrums. Today's scrums are laughable, but a least they don't take 5 minutes to complete and they get the forwards out of the way for a while. Remove them completely, with what? A tap maybe? Nah, give the players a breather for a minute or so.. Keep the joke scrum, although it would be wonderfully reminiscent to hear Spelly yell out 'FEEDING' once again!
  7. Pete Green

    Derek Clarke RIP

    I used to work at the ground in the summer holidays, helping Norman and Bill. Clarkey gave me his battered and torn No.9 shirt. Wish I knew where it is now!
  8. Pete Green

    Derek Clarke RIP

    Quite right Geoff, virtually a 'body trip'!
  9. Pete Green


    Picked mine up at the Oldham game, Mark,
  10. Pete Green

    Derek Clarke RIP

    Derek Clarke was the epitome of the 'old school' hooker and hard as granite. Affectionately known as 'Batman' by us Barn-enders and the only Swinton player who has ever attempted to push me through a moving train window!!! Rest In Peace, Clarkey x
  11. Pete Green