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  1. Peter Moon

    Season Ticket

    Well, as an explayer I understand the game, but supporting is new to me. I’ve followed the club to most of the home games over the past 2 seasons, and enjoyed the trip to Toulouse. That said, what I have learnt is how the club can eat-up resorses. Supporting isn’t as I initially thought was about turn for up to watch games - support goes beyond attending games, it goes straight to your pocket For me, I’ve learnt supporting is supporting your team in anyway you can. The problem you raise is about the cost of being a supporter. All I would like to add is that consessions need to be thought out - old timers, kids, and supporters on a low incomes should be helped. How? I don’t know, but the ideas right. What I do know is that financially Raiders are a hungry monster that has to be feed. Maybe more revenue from sponsors could bring the costs down for supporters, and in tern increase attendances.
  2. Peter Moon

    RFL Vote of No Confidence

    Can't believe how much some people are paid, when grass-rooted clubs struggle to keep going. I cannot fly a plane - but I can tell when it's going backwards. Big wages and poor ideas (Toulouse and Toronto) do nothing to grow the sport.
  3. Sunday see's Barrow play Doncaster. Some tough games ahead. Raiders look set for another top season, however we need to use everything we've got, including a good crowd to rally the team. No excuses. 3pm kick off - "COME ON RAIDERS".
  4. Peter Moon

    The Blue Phoenix Rises!

    Interesting points, but I have to disagree with the idea that this one loss suggests failings. In one word - consistancy. Like any pro sport, the leaders consistently win. That said, Haven have experience that Raiders don't have. Just because Haven fell out of the upper league, doesnt mean that they are an easy team to beat. I didn't see Sunday's game, but what I do see is a great deal of effort from Paul Crarey, his coaching team, and the Raiders players - at training sessions, games etc. One loss out of a long string of wins isn't indicative of failings. For what's it's worth I think when you win all the time, the the team as a whole can become complacent - and lose something of the collective spirit which is required to drive forth wins. Maybe Sundays loss is then a good thing, as it will re-focus the squad, and in doing so make preparation for whats ahead.
  5. Peter Moon

    Barrow V Town

    No losses since Tourlouse hasn't happened by chance, its by design. The hard work of the players and coaching staff shows. There can always be a few scruffy bits in any game, but as long as we get it wright when it matters we'll keep on winning. Well done Raiders.
  6. Peter Moon

    Barrow V Town

  7. Peter Moon

    Keighley match

    Well done Barrow Raiders - another good win. Great atmosphere at Craven Park today. One of the best things about the game, rugby league in general is the friends and family feel amongst the supports. I've taken my kids to all the home games this season, and we've enjoyed ourselves ----- especially the string of 9 consecutive wins. Today's game play was more fluid in the first half than the second. I think when the game flows Raided play at their best and score points. For me the second half was chewy, and didn't flow. Maybe Keithley's thinking was to slow the pace of the game so as to stop Raiders achieving another big score win. Anyway, as for the referee ----- the late challenge on Jamie Dallimore from Keithley's number 12, and the incident with Chris Fleming which the touch judge ruled against, both were examples of official decision making that was poor. Now at the end of the day we see Raiders with yet another win. Let's see things for what they are, as we have had a great season. As for Toulouse ------ bring it on!
  8. Peter Moon

    London Skolars v Barrow Raiders

    Come on Raiders:)
  9. Peter Moon

    London Skolars v Barrow Raiders

    i really want to be wrong here but BBC radio Cumbria are covering the Carlisle football game. If any one can point us in the right direction - please do. A live update on the game can be found on the Raiders web site.
  10. September 4th, Craven Park, 3.30pm kick off. ...the last home game against Hunslet saw a good turn out at Craven Park. Let's see if we can top 1200 on the gate.
  11. Peter Moon

    Radio Cumbria

    That sounds like good local coverage. Like I say I have tried a couple of times to listen online but for whatever reason I've been unable to get connected. I've just done a search on BBC Radio Cumbria, and it looks like all the Raiders games have gone out live. However I think the coverage has been online. To connect you visit the BBC Radio Cumbria website, and then follow the link to the game. I know Raider coach Paul Crarey gets interviewed immediately after each game, which is great. It does appears the radio coverage is out there, but if possible it best to watch live at Craven Park
  12. Peter Moon

    Radio Cumbria

    All news - including sport news is selective, which means some sports get the 'column space' / air space, and other sports news gets little or no coverage. I am not one to comment as I don't listen to BBC Radio Cumbria that often. What I would say is that when I have tried to listen local live rugby I've always been unable to listen in online. If you are a keen listener of Radio Cumbria - send them an email telling them that you and I both want to hear Raiders play live
  13. Peter Moon

    Danny Morrow Banned!

    .....5 match ban, plus s £75 fine - seems harsh. Can Danny appeal?
  14. Peter Moon

    Danny Morrow Banned!

    I'm not sure how players are punished for offences on the field.. Seems wrong that one player gets band, and another gets binned for similar offences.
  15. Peter Moon

    London Skolars v Barrow Raiders

    We are on a winning roll. The way Raiders are playing, toppling the Skolars shouldn't be a problem. With 7 straight wins umder our belt, I think there will be some anxiety within the Skolars camp. After all running out against a team with a string of wins is never easy.