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  1. The Big 3? What's that about? I'm just a Hunslet fan who detests the urinals. I sit near Adie and Lenin. Sat next to Adie at ER when we were kids. You must think there's an illuminati. Sheer paranoia mate
  2. Plenty of Cas, Wakefield, Fev, Huns fans at Elland Road do mind. Season ticket at Elland Road for 25 years and I despise it being sung at Headingley. All Leeds aren't we? I don't think so. Whatever you think, this song is Leeds United and not Leeds Rhinos.
  3. Penola


    Dear Matt Bramald. You have 2 very creative players in Jack Lee and George Flanagan and yet they play half a game each. Play one at hooker and one at scrum half. We lack creativity near the line as proved yesterday where we should have had Doncaster finished in the first half. We need a Marchy and that can be Flanagan. Ansell and Thomas can be back up for them. Can you not see this? Give it a go. Both of them can increase our line speed where we lack swifness. Also our players just pass along the line without drawing their man. Plus put Barnett in the forwards as he makes a lot of ground. Him and Normington in the 2nd row would work well.
  4. You are totally wrong about Facebook. There are many pages you can join that talk about all things RL. The one run by Les Hoole in particular has a lot about Hunslet. Facebook is a kind of forum. There are even former Hunslet players adding value like Keith Mason and Andy Bateman recently
  5. Most of the Hunslet fans now use Facebook to post, especially The Ultras who have their own group. You can join Hunslet Supporters Through and Through group. A lot of the old posters on here have now given up and don't go to games anymore which is a real shame
  6. From which era? When Hunslet played our home games at Batley? That was 80 to 82
  7. When we played at Batley we were in 2nd division both seasons. We didn't get promotion? I was 7 to 9 when we played there but I'll have a go at a team... Paul Briers Steve Hullock Bryan Murrell Eric Fitzsimmons Ian Nicholson Steve Lane Tony Dean Geoff Wright Murray Netzler Neil Lean Steve Ray bold Danny Rowe Alan Griffiths Others... Billy Foley Martin Nicholson Ian Marsden (leg amputated) Graham King Phil Gibson Francis Jarvis Tony Johnson
  8. My mate who writes for the club who was sat near the coaching team said Eaton was screaming at his assistants but they didn't seem to know what to do
  9. Badly missing players who can score tries. Briscoe, Duckworth, Grimmer, Brennan from close range. Kain doesn't look up for it. Missed Lilley who at just 18 gives direction to others. Why is Lilley getting injured playing for Leeds Academy? Surely if we are serious he should be saved for us and not risked? Gee played out of position at centre but still got 2 tries. Barnett scored a good try but again dropped a ball from a kick when he had the line to attack and he also missed tackles. Batley nearly beat Halifax and Workington are hitting form. Based on yesterday I think we will get relegated. Much as I don't want DR with Leeds we don't have a choice if we want to compete
  10. Penola

    Oh dear.

    Grimmer is back
  11. Warrington at home it would have been according to Ladbrokes and BBC sites
  12. Great idea. Can we get them a seat name plaque each? This would be a great tribute to them. There could be a special ex players seating area on the top deck. Of course Keith Bungalow Mason would always be sat on the lower tier as he has "nowt upstairs"!
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