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  1. Gisburn

    European Championship 2018

    The Americas get one with another hosting the final play-off qualifying tournament next year
  2. Was Sneyd's drop kicked conversion legit? The laws say this Goal – 6. A goal is scored if the whole of the ball at any time how scored during its flight passes on the full over the opponents’ cross bar towards the dead ball line after being kicked by a player (and not touching or being touched in flight by any other player) in any of these circumstances:– (a) by a place kick after a try has been scored and counts two points (b) by a place kick or a drop kick when a penalty kick has been awarded and counts two points. This seems explicit that a penalty can be dropped but not a conversion.
  3. Gisburn

    Pubs showing Grand Final

    I'm in York next weekend as wife is running the marathon on Sunday. Anyone know any pubs in Clifton or Acomb that will be have the grand final on?
  4. Gisburn

    BBC Radio York Commentary

    R2D2 taking over the commentary
  5. Gisburn

    BBC Radio York Commentary

    Now up to 105 minutes of playing time. Edge of the seat stuff
  6. Gisburn

    Jimmy Jones

    Was Jimmy Jones who played for Cas between 1947 and 51 the same man who played pre-war for Widnes?
  7. Gisburn

    Ben Cockayne

    Great signing, dead envious.
  8. Gisburn

    Super League reserve sides in league 1

    The way some sides have used dual reg for the Super 8s I thought this was already happening.
  9. If Oxford and All-Golds do merge that's a gap there. That said I'd much rather have a smaller number of teams and play home and away - especially if the iPro cup has been scrapped.
  10. Very complacent today, just no ambition against Keighley and always looked to be just waiting for Keighley to make a mistake and capitalise on that.
  11. Gisburn

    Canadas 2017 fixture list

    Wolfpack's first home grown Canadian player, Quinn Ngawati, is from Victoria in BC so there's a lot of interest in western Canada
  12. What's the ground where you've felt coldest? For me it was Bramley's Mclaren Field where a cold draught always seemed to hit my ankles and them move up. Didn't matter where I stood in the ground it never stopped being draughty and cold.
  13. Gisburn

    Bradford relegated

    Swinton need 1 point or Oldham 2 to make it impossible for Bradford to finish outside the bottom two. As Swinton and Oldham still have to play each other, one of those circumstances is bound to happen.
  14. Gisburn

    Keighley match

    As Bananarama sang It Ain't What You Do, It's the Way That You Do It and with that I'll say goodbye until next season unless by some miracle we meet at BC in the promotion final.
  15. Gisburn

    Keighley match

    The hooter took me and my mates by surprise, we all thought there was a couple more minutes to play too. Not complaining as we're all Keighley fans :-) As to the grudge, it is only down to Ford and the mass citing of players after the previous game. Disciplinary should be left to the RFL. If the RFL want to look through the video and cite players then fine but coaches should stay out. Fair play to Ford though for coming into the bar after the game and taking some good-natured banter from the fans (both teams) who were there. As long as he hasn't reported half the Keighley team today that should end it all.