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  1. Heckydog1000

    Batley Allstars

    Keegan hirst one of our best props hardly lived on walmsley shirt tails and when walmsley left it showed some so so choices there as well
  2. Heckydog1000

    Golden gamble

    Anybody no the golden gamble number
  3. Heckydog1000

    MOM Batley V Featherstone

    Can only think of 2 1 dave scott solid as ever 2 dane manning always gives is all 3 brad day was a very tough decision because i dont really beleive anybody covered themselves in glory and i honestly think the 300 games thing went to brambanis heads caught in possesion far too many times
  4. Heckydog1000

    Batley v Fev

    I can safely say that was awful too much one out rugby no idea near the opponents line and if thats the best weve got its gonna be along season. I also think weve got the forwards wrong brown n lillycrop coming off the bench last season caused a lot more problems and i think maher is just another keegan hurst plenty of size but looked cumbersome