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  1. Thanks mate much appreciated
  2. I have not been able to get this programme yet and will offer £10 for a copy and am happy to pay this to your club to help you in these difficult times if anybody can help please?
  3. I was late arriving at the game last Sunday (some of us wish we had missed it altogether but you deserved your win we were poor) and just missed the last programme being sold, does anybody have a spare copy please? (I am happy to pay for it not after a freebie).
  4. Fax4Life


    That is the problem now do you want an extra game and in midweek?
  5. Fax4Life


    Not happy with that draw at all its rubbish from our point of view aaargh
  6. Have any of you got a spare programme for the Halifax home game please? I arrived at the ground just before KO and they had sold out, I tried your club shop and they did not have any either so if anybody has a copy they are willing to part with i am happy to pay just let me know, thanks.
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