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  1. Converted Northerner

    Try of the Season

    Yes, sorry wrong way round! It's my personal favourite because it was like nothing else I'd ever seen! Although you could pick a few tries from that night as like you said Wire were played off the park.
  2. Converted Northerner

    Try of the Season

    It's been a cracking year for tries this season, both individual brilliance and creative teamwork. The one from the kick off from Cas v Warrington stands out in my mind. Not only was the try itself brilliant. I remember it as the match that made me sit up and think they were a force to be reckoned with. Any favourites?
  3. Converted Northerner

    New York City & Dublin to join the league?

    I once thought Dublin, but with currently little presence / gaelic games taking over the country every summer, not sure how it would pan out.
  4. Is the current pool of referees even big enough for two on the pitch at once? We seem to be struggling to find 6 decent ones per weekend. I hate to criticise refs, they do a really difficult job in a fast moving game, but something does need to happen. There's got to be a root cause of the problem, whether it be referee positioning etc. Are all the SL ref's full time? (sorry for slightly digressing from last nights game).
  5. Not seen the game or caught any highlights yet, but heard that Fifita was impeded at the drop goal at the end. Anything in it?
  6. Converted Northerner


    Long time reader, first time poster. I'm fairly new the to the game - a convert from the round ball and been following since I moved to Leeds four years ago. Only recently have I picked up on the ref's shouting 'Dominate' in the tackle. What's the difference between this, and the surrender and held tackles?
  7. Not wishing to promote clubs to relocate, as I don't personally agree with it, but a franchise in Dublin would be ideal for expansion into North America and tapping into the Irish population over there (should the RFL want to take this route). There was a decent take-up for London Irish vs Saracens at union club level - something to build on should the Wolfpack take off.