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  1. Haven Away

    Well done boys I eat my words from last week! Also well done to York, massive effort!
  2. Super 8s

    Due a massive performance next week after the shambles of Sunday!
  3. Whitehaven KO time

    A few people mentioned that Harper had picked up a knock against oxford that's why he never played yesterday.
  4. Whitehaven KO time

    Attack: clueless. Every time the ball got passed along the line the haven defence just slid across and shut down everything we threw at them, not because of great defence, but because of how slow and predictable the passing was. Every time the ball went out to fieldhouse out the back the whole move just came to a halt and everyone just seemed to stand still offering absolutely no threat or different running lines at all. Couldn't really pick a man of the match from today as they were all dreadful, dan toal ran his blood to water before he picked up a knock and Carter tried his best but all in all a very very poor team performance. But I trust in the lads to learn from today and kick themselves up the backside for the play offs. COYR
  5. Whitehaven KO time

    Ft 32-6 rubbish
  6. Whitehaven KO time

  7. Whitehaven KO time

  8. Whitehaven KO time

    20-6 haven now, been shocking second half, can't score for toffee and keep making daft mistakes, everything seems to go to pot in big games, we just don't seem to have the mentality for them
  9. bus to whitehaven

    Bus 3 now filled! Plus cars and stuff going we should have quite a few bodies there Sunday! Let's get behind the lads and make some noise...
  10. Saturday v Sunday

    I think if we ended up reverting back to Sunday's the attendance wouldnt be any different at all or maybe even significantly less as shipyard workers work shifts until 6pm, hence the reason they wanted to change to Saturday evenings in the first place?