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  1. Better get the visa's sorted!!!!
  2. Wane Out and take those highly paid injury prone players with him S Tomkins & O'Loughlin (England captain my ######).
  3. Could this be Bradford's get out of relegation free card?
  4. How many more strings are the RFL going to pull to keep you up?
  5. Tip No 1: No Salary Cap Tip No 2: Hot Dog Cannon
  6. Your indiscipline cost you the game, head shot penalty, next play the ball Hesketh Head shot, brawl and warranted sending off ,you should have won, that was Barrow's worst performance of the season. Why did Flanagan get involved when Barrow scored? again sin binned warranted. Play like that and you should win more games than you loose, just cut out the indiscipline. Best of luck for the rest of the season.
  7. Great, thanks for that tell my club Barrow can the last one out lock the gates, mind you we have already been screwed by the RFL once.
  8. Didn't need to make it across the border this time, sneaked across Morecambe Bay on a paddle steamer from Roa Island
  9. What too many at Red Hall with fingers in the pie. Should have been playing in the 1st Division this season. One rule for Bradford another for the rest i.e. Barrow won the Championship with Des Johnstone's brown envelopes and deducted every point and relegated, Bradford in administration 4? times and in liquidation and deducted 12 points explain that!!!!!
  10. Are you Markthelegendkid's brother? the most hated/annoying Poster on BBC Sports website?
  11. Where's Barrows defence gone in the last 4 Games? Keighley 42 Leeds 72 Toronto 70 Crusaders 30+?
  12. Total amateur approach by Barrow RLFC to the visa issue, 7$ for an eTA visa to be completed on line if you don't have a criminal record (or don't declare it), no problem and almost instant acceptance. Otherwise you need a ACPO certificate which takes approximately 40 days form submission to receipt and costs £10. This process could also have been carried out by an agency i.e. The Travel Visa Company. Simples any travel agent could have talked you through the process. Surprised the club waited until the last minute to apply for visas as they had known about the fixture since before the start of the season.