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  1. Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    That would have been interesting Alex Murphy & Frank Foster in the same Barrow side
  2. Barrow v Oldham

    What happened to the announcement for the last try / goal scorer and full time hooter?
  3. EGM

    So put us out of our misery, who is our new Italian Prop Forward?
  4. Yes, but at least next season we will play them at HOME!!!!
  5. Toronto take2

    I can accept getting it wrong once, but twice when Barrow had plenty of opportunity to sort visa's out, for gods sake its all over the internet how to get a Canadian visa, just google it. I have done it this year. P.S. I've only missed 2 games this year "guess when".
  6. Toronto take2

    And how many players have Barrow got registered? To send 16 is a disgrace, the board should take a long hard look at themselves!!!
  7. Future

    Level Playing Field? Salary Cap? One rule of one & one for everyone else!!!!
  8. Toronto take2

    SHAMBLES!!! Lessons learned none!!!! How long has Barrow known they would be travelling to Totonto again? Why didn't Barrow get a visa company onto the issue, it cost roughly £30 for them to do it. On the positive side, those who already have visas they last for 5 years. On a serious note Barrow get your act together, you couldn't organise a ###### up in a brewery.
  9. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    Are the visa issues sorted?
  10. Toronto game....Cresta front row...

    So get ready for another humiliation, laughing stock again after the last visa c*ck-up, what a waste of crowdfunding, we should be going out there to give them a good game.
  11. Semi & Final

    So long as we turn up at Toronto and don't get on the end of another 70 point hammering, if this is the case our better points difference may be down significantly.
  12. Barrow v Town

    Think it was a good job that Workington came to spoil and fight for the first 60 minutes, after the sending off they threw the ball around and looked better than us for large parts of the last 20 minutes.
  13. Name New York

    New York Gangstz
  14. Yes, full squad available, no Visa issues since Sheep Rustling was de-criminalised