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  1. renfrew refugee


    It may be down to the players (apparently we have strengthened the squad this year) but ultimately its down to the coach who plans the tactics.
  2. renfrew refugee


    Totally agree, 5 games in and it seems we are already in a relegation dogfight
  3. renfrew refugee


    Not so much a fortress up to now 1 point out of 4!!!
  4. renfrew refugee


    Looks like the 2 games against Swinton are going to be massive (good job Widnes have been docked 12 points) winner stays up!!!
  5. renfrew refugee

    Sheffield game

    Organising what? One out football. No 40/20 attempts second half with a howling gale behind him.
  6. renfrew refugee

    Sheffield game

    Lost to a far superior team, too slow at the play the balls, Charnock, didn't realise he was playing until it was announced he was MOM?????? Thackeray best player on the park took us apart. Dallimore non existent again.
  7. renfrew refugee

    Zak Hardaker

    Thought we had been given him on loan! Why post this on here its a Barrow Forum, should be on the General Forum if anywhere.
  8. renfrew refugee

    Paper rumors

    How can Wigan sign on a player who is under contract to Barrow without approaching Barrow Board of Directors? If he has signed for Wigan was a transfer fee paid?
  9. renfrew refugee

    Raiders v Toronto

    Guess the 3 posters (the vet, rooster2003, raidersrus) were not at the game, and I guess the 1100 who were there, got it wrong to boo the referee and his assistants off at full time
  10. renfrew refugee

    Toal Brothers

    Rumour on the terraces is they had been naughty boys in Toulouse, can anyone confirm?
  11. renfrew refugee

    April 2nd

    Poor game spoiled by the conditions. although Swinton seemed to play the conditions better, long kicks into corners when playing with the wind, too many individual errors and lucky to come away with a point.
  12. renfrew refugee

    Raiders v Sheffield (league game)

    Wouldn't mind seeing Ban Blackmore in a Barrow shirt created havoc in the Barrow defence every time he got the ball.
  13. renfrew refugee


    second that.
  14. renfrew refugee

    Chances of game going ahead Sunday?

    Hull v Warrington 19:45 on Sky. Surprised if the game is on Barrow v Eastleigh called of this morning due to a frozen pitch, even though they had frost covers on (unfortunately they blew off the pitch last night due to the high winds).
  15. renfrew refugee

    Barrow hold Toronto to a draw 8-8

    That would have been interesting Alex Murphy & Frank Foster in the same Barrow side