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  1. Can't call this either, so just like the green on a roulette wheel, I am going for the long odds on the first draw after golden point extra time.
  2. Now Ben and Cas have parted company, will any other SL club take a risk with his fitness? Personally I think there's still an opportunity for Ben to help someone out in a relegation dogfight, providing he can keep free from injury. A great player for Cas, and defensively sound
  3. Saints to expose the weak defence on Cas's right hand side. Saints by 10.
  4. Think Salford will build on the good performances of late, and with Wigan's confidence being shot at the moment, I would expect nothing else but a Salford win. Wigan will have to target Jackson Hastings. If they fail to close him down, then Salford will win this by at least a couple of scores.
  5. Wakey will have shut down Daryl Clark to stop Wire gaining any kind of momentum.
  6. But surely that's 7. Did you give the extra 2 to Wigan?
  7. James Child, assisted by Danny McGuire reffing - congratulations Leeds !!!
  8. They had him once before but decided Tony Smith was a better choice. Don't think I'd be rushing back if it were me.
  9. Can see whoever loses this one, will be the victors on 30th June.
  10. Like most folks this one is too close to call. Hull getting back to winning ways after a bit of a blip, and Cas starting to pick up a few knocks. I too think this game is going to be won by whichever half back pairings are on top. I remember Kelly destroyed Cas last season when Hull K R put 50 past Cas down t' lane. If Cas allow Kelly and Connor any space, they will pay for it, however Cas' defence this season is a different kettle of fish (sorry cod 'eads)
  11. Great accolade for Greg this, but for me it's the guys who provide him with the opportunities, who are the ones who should be higher up in the reckoning.
  12. Having watched Both these teams play Cas in the last couple of weeks, I think the spirit shown by the Vikings weakened team was fantastic, and they received a well deserved round of applause from the Cas fans as they left the field. I could well be wrong, but I think this spirit will see them win this clash, they certainly looked better than the 11th place standing in the table.
  13. Think Wakey's confidence will see them through in this one. I reckon Wakey By 12.
  14. Yeah but he was at Huddersfield, Campbell was in charge down the lane.
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