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  1. Very sad to see the Dragons in this sorry state however its been coming for a long time. My big worry if they do go down is finances as there will be not only a big drop in SKY monies but also the local marie and region which will need to be made up from somewhere , but the question is where? The board have never put any monies in apart from the initial share capital 11/12 years ago and i cannot see it happening now,and the chances of the current regime selling out to a money man are minus zero.
  2. Catalan v Widnes

    Catalans should walk this the overseas players will live in fear of having their contracts terminated next season for many reasons other than rugby. Nice weather Good food Nice wine Beaches Dallas/Spain Ski-ing Free meat Local press who turn a blind eye to anything but rugby ITS PARADISE for an aussie:)))
  3. Wolfpacks new signings

    Still a long way to go exiled though even the Argos (Who i support) still average 15000 + and in Toronto thats good going considering the hog town mentality towards the CFL. Having said that i agree with you unless they start to play at the top level within 2 years i would kiss it goodbye.
  4. Nothing will ever change at the Dragons the best years were the first 2/3 when Richard Lewis at the RFL had some excellent management working at the club firstly Grant Meyer as CEO followed by Nicolas Rayer (Tas Baterri son in law) they both did an excellent job alongside Mick Potter and David Waite (Who at that time was working for the RFL) the structures were put in place. Once the board saw that the RFL needed the Dragons more than they needed them it was all over and the RFL just let them get on with it fearing that the club would otherwise fall apart. The Dragons have been fantastic in SL even though everyone knows that sport in France is corrupt to the core with non payment of taxes subsidies from the maire and region and egos galore. At least its entertaining though:)
  6. Wolfpacks new signings

    Makes sense but make sure that its not an Argos player as i am a fan:)
  7. "Goodbye to All That"

    SPOT ON although i must say that middle 8,s have been brilliant this season
  8. Sky tv efl deal

    Who ever at SKY decided to introduce the new channel names needs shooting its a total mess outside of Football/Cricket/F1 SKY1/2/3/4/5 worked well.
  9. Incredible if this is true does anyone have any more info?
  10. London Takeover & Move To NRL

    Well from what i heard its happening and Watson is a key player and is totally not interested in SL and sees either the NRL or another created comp as the way forward. Watch this space:)

    Good man Jerome and sad to see that he is going however this is the Dragons and politics rules has nothing to do with French players/coaches but all to do with being top dog in Perpignan. Sad but true:(

    Just watching Leeds Rhinos v Hull FC and noticed that the SKY cameras have been moved to the opposite side showing a totally empty south stand. Now i understand that there is to be some redevelopment however seriously folks this is amateur hour and shows the sport in a totally negative light on TV to put it bluntly its a joke. This should have been sorted out ages ago no excuses and i am trying NOT to be negative. What kind of message does this sent out?
  13. To be honest i miss the old ground and grab a granny night in the nightclub after the match was brilliant:))))
  14. According to the old press officer at the RFL who now works for a footy club.The head of the RFL would receive a piece of paper 15 mins before the end of the match from an official with the crowd figure after which (If not capacity) then a figure would be plucked from thin air:)
  15. WELL DONE to both teams was a cracker and a great advert for Rugby League. Would be brilliant to have it back where it belongs the first week of May:) with a sell out crowd:) a real shame with all those empty seats however what does one expect the last weekend in August many are away on holidays and sponsorship wise its the worst weekend of the year to hold an event.