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  1. I am pretty certain that the figure includes the air travel costs at prime ticket value (Lets be honest anyone would big it up) How many matches did TW play home and away? If it was 40 (Including away team) with an average party of 30 at £1000.00 each thats 30K a match = £ 1.2 Million in air travel costs.
  2. Have watched in England/Wales/France/Australia/Russia best event in Moscow was Russia v Georgia around 12 years ago in the Olympic Stadium. The russian team knew how to play rugby league the georgian team were pretty clueless:( event for me was spoilt by the crowd behind us standing and doing nazi salutes during the russsian national anthem:((
  3. Vladman

    Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Guy Trouple (I know the spelling of his surname is wrong) the ex club president who ran for FFR13 president around 2000 had a restaurant by a bridge near the river,don't know if its still there but went there once with my friend from Cahors and the food was not too bad:)
  4. Vladman


    Here it is if you are outside the DAB coverage www.cyberhothits.com PS/DJ Just mentioned they (The pirate spaceship) are over PNG and announced all of PNG home matches and dates LOL
  5. Vladman


    Just woke up and have tuned in with the kids seems my mistake i was quoting European time its 7PM to 10PM UK:) will see how much they mention
  6. Vladman


    Fairly easy to understand its a pop music radio station and the breakfast DJ on Sunday will be promoting the RLWC GOOD NEWS:) It is very popular down south my kids listen to it:)
  7. Hi There , I was just listening in the car to the radio and the DJ said that this Sunday the spaceship (They pretend they are in a pirate radio spaceship:) LOL will be travelling over New Zealand and Australia to celebrate the forthcoming Rugby League World Cup and will be visiting most of the venues. Should be fun its 6AM to 9AM (UK) this Sunday CYBER HOT HITS its on DAB in London and the Home Counties everywhere else radio player or on-line and mobile www.cyberhothits.com
  8. Vladman

    Jon Sharp to London Broncos

    If it is him GOOD APPOINTMENT IMHO:)
  9. Vladman

    Villeneuve aims for League 1 2020

    Not correct about TV SPORT + covered matches (Every 2 weeks) + Finals and they were pretty good. From 2005 (1 season prior to SL) St Gaudens v Toulouse 2500 on TV Villeneurve 3000 + for regular matches and TV Carcassonne 5000 for a TV match St Esteve v Pia had over 5000 for a new years day fixture 12 years ago Pia 2000 for a TV match Toulouse v Villeneurve 3000 for a TV match Championship Final 12000 Cup Final Carcassonnne 10000 Too many aussie players YES i will agree with you about that one.
  10. We are living in 2017 are we not for gods sake:) Women,s Rugby League should be encouraged one only has to see the amount of publicity the RFU have gained for the new women,s championship with SKY even covering a match LIVE on December 3rd. Lets hope we can do the same down the line
  11. Great to see how well TWP have sone in their first season next year is going to be fantastic in the championship i predict 2 down from SL.
  12. GREAT IDEA that will sort him out. Sadly i cannot see France doing much down under:(
  13. Vladman

    Salford. Trouble at mill.

    Note the wording AS REQUIRED (BUT BY WHOM:)))
  14. Vladman

    Salford. Trouble at mill.

    100000% WITH YOU ON THAT ONE:))))