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  1. inspectorgadget

    Coventry bears V Town.

    I would look to have something along these lines 1. Forrester 2. Hambley 3. Miller 4. Olstrom 5. Patrick 6. Forber 7. Doran 8. Wilkes 9. Newton 10. Scholey 11. K Maudling 12. L Patrick 13. Barnes 14. Penkywicz 15. Moi Moi 16. Dawson 17. Curwen
  2. inspectorgadget

    Combined Haven/Town team

    Quite hard to pick however I would go with this 1. Forrester 2. Burns 3. Taylor 4. JJP 5. Miller 6. Aiye 7. Doran 8. Wilkes 9. Penky 10. Forster 11. G Maudling 12. Olstrom 13. Barnes 14. Newton 15. Scholey 16. Dawson 17. Shackley
  3. inspectorgadget

    Away Support Travel

    Well I think you’ve made my mind up for me Mate. I for one don’t want to be attached to people who think it’s acceptable to cause trouble both whilst travelling & also during and after games. I will be contacting the Travellers Rest in due course to join up with them. Is their any way I can view this video evidence? Shocking really and will give our club a bad name
  4. inspectorgadget

    Away Support Travel

    Travellers seems the most appealing considering your comment Pink Panther. I attended the York game last season & witnessed a lot of swearing & abusing of elders so this could of been the same group in question. One question I have is why are they arguing amongst themselves when they’re all supporters of this great club.
  5. inspectorgadget

    Away Support Travel

    Hi everyone; I’ve recently moved back to Cumbria after nearly 6 years living down in Harrogate; I listened to the game on the Radio yesterday & sounded like we gave them a good go. I’d like to start travelling to Away Games now as I don’t work weekends in my new role. Can anyone point me in the right direction of Supporters Clubs who travel to Away games? The last time I used to attend away games these were run from JJ’s & Henry Curwen; however I can’t see any information for these. Any help be much appreciated as I’m looking forward to supporting my local side once again! Many Thanks
  6. inspectorgadget

    Keighley Predictions

    My 17 for today’s game would be 1. Forrester 2. Hambley 3. Akehurst 4. Singleton 5. Foster 6. Forber 7. Doran 8. Scholey 9. Newton 10. Wilkes 11. Maudling 12. Maudling 13. Bailey 14. Barnes 15. Dawson 16. Penkywicz 17. Ryan
  7. inspectorgadget

    Signings / Potential Signings

    Everything seems to be pretty quiet at the moment; has anyone heard of any signings or any potential signings
  8. inspectorgadget

    How many more?

    Jamie Foster & Scott Leatherbarrow have been goal kickers at there past clubs
  9. inspectorgadget

    How many more?

    Mine at the moment is this 1. Forrester 2. Foster 3. Akehurst 4. Patrick 5. Miller 6. Leatherbarrow 7. Doran 8. Scholey (c) 9. Newton 10. Wilkes 11. G Maudling 12. J Moore 13. Singleton 14. Dawson 15. K Maudling 16. Curwen 17. Ryan Leaving out Rooke, Forber, Mewse, Hambley
  10. inspectorgadget

    How many more?

    In my opinion we need 1 x Centre 2 x Forwards 1 x Hooker What amateur players would Yous like to see signed up? Also from the 21 signed up already - what would your 17 be?
  11. inspectorgadget

    How many more?

    If the Riley rumours are true; then we are shaping up to have some pack for 2018. Who else would you like to see sign? The Harrison rumours seem big! Does anyone know if Howarth is re-signing? Leon mentioned Amateurs going to train - From the local games you’s have watched who would you like to see down at Derwent Park?
  12. inspectorgadget


    I for one don't blame you for that, grassroots youth rugby seems to be on the decline and this could be the reason why, which kid wants to grow up to be a rugby player to hear language like that and see behaviour like that happening in the stands & surrounding areas. Hope your children are ok after witnessing the fiasco outside the bar.
  13. inspectorgadget


    I couldn't make today's game due to family commitments & obviously quite a long distance from Harrogate, however upon checking the forum frequently, the last thing I wanted to see was this. I thought everything would of been sorted after the game down at York, and I hope that it wasn't the same person in question. Pink Panther can you name & shame please? People like this are starting to give our club a bad name.
  14. inspectorgadget

    Today's Game

    I agree pink panther, someone needs to make sure he is ok.
  15. inspectorgadget

    Today's Game

    I agree if they can't handle it, they shouldn't have it. The individual was screaming at the elderly men and can deny it all he wants but others will of been there to see it, it was embarrassing.