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  1. Leeds by 10.This will be another season that Warrington fail to live up to their hype.
  2. Leeds will have to offload 3 or4 players to free up the cap space required to sign the player they want.you are quite right Garbutt's departure did free up a quota spot
  3. You seem to specilise in patheteic comments which contribute absolutely nothing.
  4. All will be revealed tomorrow when Furner gives his press conference.
  5. Seibold is not even favourite for the Brisbane vacancy,so i don't anticipate any changes at Souths this is pure speculation from the Australian press who have a dubious track record to say the least.
  6. I fully expect Hardaker to leave Wigan before the season starts.
  7. Toronto will get battered next Friday Leeds willwin by over 30 points
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