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  1. Terance Brook

    Qualifiers: Squeaky Bum Time!

    Toronto will get battered next Friday Leeds willwin by over 30 points
  2. Widnes by 14 Salford by 2 Leeds by 28 Toronto by 10
  3. Then follow that with your views on the 2009 team,i await your comments.
  4. Terance Brook

    TWP lose first ever game at home .

    I predict none of the championship teams will be promoted.
  5. The standard of the referees this season in the NRL has been terrible and as been on a downward spiral since they brought in the Bunker.This season every match the referee in charge hardly ever makes a decision without refering it to the bunker so much so that it appears that the bunker now as more authority than the referees.Although not a fan of Ricky Stuart i fully agree with his post match comments.For what its worth i think the standard of the referees in Super League is not as bad as some make out and as improved throughout the season.
  6. Terance Brook

    McDermott Gone (Merged Threads)

    Who are these fantastic teams and how many Grand Finals have they won.
  7. KC is one of Leeds favourite grounds and holds no fears Leeds by at least 14.