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  1. Superb news - its made my day. Opens the door to many opportunities. Ha ha. No need for a petition anymore..
  2. I was wondering that myself. Normally seems to be some info put out on Twitter. Previously they have had a day to present it and a day to hear any feedback I think. Fingers Crossed
  3. Hi just a quick update . I contacted Danny Kazandjian at the RLIF a couple of times over the last 2 months. He has been very helpful with information given to me that it is a priority for them in dealing with this issue. I have gave him updates as we reached 5000, then 10,000 people. John Drake's article had an interview with the head of the RLIF in the RLW magazine about the subject where he mentions the existence of a petition. They are aware of it and we are looking to them for instructions on how best to submit it. The GAISF do not meet again for another month to discuss RL . After speaking with Danny Kazandjian the advice was we wait until the outcome of Januarys meeting and then if we are again turned down they will look to other avenues ie. our petition which is sitting there with 10,000 plus signatures. I have also contacted the parliamentary group and in particular Jack Baker and Greg Mulholland who has been very vocal on Twitter and we have official government press releases in their support see here I really think we are making some good headway now. We have the UK government supporters and the RLIF working together- which is far more powerful than us fans could ever hope to achieve. The weight of parliamentary support is an incredible boost to get this fixed. Probably when we started it I thought we would just submit it directly to the GAISF at 10,000 signatures but we now have support of far more powerful people so I think the ideal way would be to submit it through the APPRLG and the RLIF if required as they suggest. Hope this post is not too long but I understand a few people have a lot of questions. Finally I guess if anyone knows a professional club willing to share their support that would be great . As I stated before I have contacted every single NRL and Super League club to no avail which is quite remarkable really. Head in the sand stuff.. maybe Jon Drake has a decent contact for a press person to get involved at club level ?
  4. Twitter is steve@RugbyLeagueRulz if anyone wants to share please take a look
  5. Thanks so much John, That is very interesting to know. We have recently had some contact with people at the RLPG about the best time and method for submitting the petition, I still think it would be great to hit 15,000 plus but recently we have slowed down on the signature front. One idea from the RLPG is to encourage the RFL to back a full blown campaign to reach more fans directly, GAISF do not meet again for a few months so maybe that can be achieved. I have tried Twitter to all NRL and SL clubs but none have posted it on their page yet.. amazing lack of interest really from the professional teams when they are supposed to represent the fans. Hope we can gather a bit of momentum again now before the new seasons start
  6. That's great. We only need 8 signatures to hit 10,000. So anyone who is keen if you can sign up soon I can send it to the IRLF tonight
  7. Have they previously supported our applications or is this the first time?
  8. This has to be great news. Does anyone know how much power the Parliamentary group have? Can they raise it in Parliament if they turn down the application again? It feels like we could be on the cusp on getting this done, hope they can also use their contacts to get a letter of support from world rugby before the meeting
  9. Please sign petition to support Rugby Leagues Accreditation
  10. Looks like we have some support from the parliamentary group as per article here. This sounds like great news. We are still short of 10,000 by about 45 signatures can I ask anyone who has not signed to have a look at it today ? I have sent it to players via twitter but so far no one has picked it up. With the parliament support and 10,000 signature you never know...
  11. Thanks a lot John, that will be a big help as it has kind of slowed down a bit in the last day or so . We currently have almost 10,000. I spoke to Danny Kazandjiian at the IRLF about the best tactics to submit it. He suggested that once we hit 10,000 we inform the IRLF and they can use this a tool at the next meeting. Longer term obviously it would be great to hit 20,000 or more with the help of Twitter and players in particular. Sam Tomkins has 200,000 plus twitter followers so, something from a player would be valuable. In response to a couple of other questions I sent the petition and some info on the reason for it to Jonathan Liew (Independedent )and Nigel Wiskar (Mirror) . So far I have not had any responses so as I said before if anyone knows another RL friendly journalist please let me know.
  13. Latest info we are getting towards 6000. I made some changes as had been suggested regarding correct name of The Global Association of International Sports and World Rugby Its going very well so far and we even made it into the Sydney Morning Herald news site see here- Ha Ha FYI I am not Steve Mascord although he has got us a link on the website below so thank you very much Steve
  14. We have already passed 500 in little more than 12 hours. Unbelievable effort so far. Please everyone keep sharing this as much as possible. I do not have Twitter myself so any links to players and coaches in both codes would be great. If any people on here know more about reaching larger groups via social media etc please do so. Thanks to everyone so far.
  15. Maybe an idea here with a petition. If we can get Kevin Sinfield to 2nd in Sports Personality of the Year we can get make a fair number of signatures to recognise that we are indeed a sport. I suggest anyone with links to Rugby Union and Rugby League players in particular to get them to sign up. Jonathan Davis, SBW, Jason Robinson, Johnny Wilkinson?