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  1. Wolfe man

    Brierley, Higson, Emmitt - out?

    What about Sam hoppy ?????????? Another Leigh x player come on Yorkshire Toronto! Noble by name only Masive Big Ego £££££££. Welsh international, Ex Leigh player, Wigan, Great Britain under 18 the list goes on
  2. Wolfe man

    Team for next season

    Who would you keep for next season ? Hoppy for me under recognised one our best forwards
  3. Looked quite pleased with the result Mr Rolley ??????????.
  4. Wolfe man

    Million pound game

    No Hoppy so sad?????
  5. Wolfe man

    Ryan Brierley

    So has hoppy me think seen him at the match today didn’t look happy
  6. Wolfe man

    Heritage numbers

    Will The club be giving heritage numbers to the players as most teams in England seem to.
  7. Wolfe man

    Swinton game

    When are we going to see some action from Sam Hopkins big fan of Sam. Is he still injured?
  8. Wolfe man

    Swinton game

    Has the team been announced yet.
  9. Wolfe man

    Local Press Coverage of TWP

    We near Leigh call meat pies meat growllers, you may want to try our black puddings, or tripe with cow heal, maybe stake and kidney pudding with mushy peas good northern food?.
  10. Wolfe man

    Lots of interest in the uk.

    There is a lot of interest re Toronto Wolfpack in the uk we need to make easy contact with our Wolfpack supportors in Canada come on the pack hunt down them leighers.