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  1. Toulouse by 22 Dewsbury by 8 Halifax by 10 Fev by 8 London by 24 Toronoto by 16
  2. Batley by 8 Dewsbury by 14 Featherstone by 22 Leigh by 4 London by 6 Halifax by 18
  3. Toulouse by 22 Leigh by 16 Toronto by 8 Featherstone by 10 Dewsbury by 18 Batley by 12
  4. Good work keeping track of all this pal! Very much appreciated by all I’m sure..
  5. Huncho Kallum

    Jimmy Keinhorst

    Wouldn’t go that far but should be starting inside Ryan Hall instead of Liam Sutcliffe.
  6. Toronto by 36 London by 12 Fev by 6 Fax by 10 Leigh by 24 Swinton by 4
  7. Will be an interesting game this, neither team will want to loose twice on the bounce to kick off their season. Shame it’s not on tv as I suspect it will be a cracker.
  8. It’s the perfect fixture for the Rhinos before setting off down under, but from a commercial point of view it’s not an easy sell and will likely be a one sided affair.
  9. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to be guessing any more...selecting a winner/margin of victory is a lot better than faffing around picking an exact score.
  10. Huncho Kallum

    Tom Johnstone

    Someone’s Grumpy today 😂
  11. Huncho Kallum

    Tom Johnstone

    Nah we’ll just take him when he hits his prime thanks 😚
  12. Huncho Kallum

    Tom Johnstone

    Can’t wait to see him in a Rhinos Jersey next year 🙄😂🦏
  13. Danny Richardson looked excellent as well tonight...not a shock that the Tigers were completely flat. Will take a few rounds to get the disappointment of the Grand final out of their system.
  14. Tomkins set to kick off at Fullback...will be interesting to see how Wane moves the team around during the game.
  15. Warrington Wolves 🐺 Starting Lineup: Ratchford Lineham Goodwin Atkins Russell Brown Roberts Hill Clark Cooper Currie Hughes Murdoch-Masila Subs: Ben Westwood Joe Philbin George King Declan Patton