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  1. hoolifan27

    2019 Squad

    ANd I did not say fax had signed ridyard I said spoken to along with bradford
  2. hoolifan27

    2019 Squad

    Will see but keyes as also not signed at Bradford for next season... Qlt as not signed elsewhere yet grix also linked to fax ridyards defo going will see
  3. hoolifan27

    2019 Squad

    No paycut at fax so not sure where you heard that rubbish. Also fax have gone for riddy after he was told to take a paycut or look elsewhere. Think bulls have made him an offer as well. Will see but he will not be at fev next season.
  4. hoolifan27

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Super league prices for league one total joke tbf
  5. hoolifan27

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Come on Town you got this.
  6. Leigh managed 13 players on sunday and then 12 when one went off injured Be surprised if they raise a team
  7. hoolifan27

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    Thanks Was it based on league standings
  8. hoolifan27

    WOrkington V B*lls final

    IS the game at the big hole in the ground or at Workington. I watched there game v Oldham and tbf they looked good with Chissy running the show. The commentators were saying all game that you attend Odsal but I read on here its decided by a coin flip. Hope you beat them also any coverage as the bulls proper sport is as poor as there ground is
  9. hoolifan27

    Gaz Hock

    doubt top 4 will be in place next season
  10. hoolifan27

    2019 Squad

    When fax missed out before the players (even when contracted) were forced to take pay cuts or leave all accepted but manning who though he was off to better things at batley. Instead we got grady who as been a standout player for us
  11. hoolifan27

    If you think we have got problems..........

    Matau'tia, as signed for cas so hopefully we can have QLT back for next season (Fax Fan)
  12. Fax v Rhinoes at the Shay only fair we have go seen as you lot had a chance a couple of seasons ago when Fax missed out.
  13. hoolifan27


    I aint wrinting you off yet.. Never know if Torronto will rest players and London may struggle going to cumbria
  14. One the standouts for them on sunday against fax in my opinion was battye
  15. Fax beat Toulouse you beat London Fax beat Rochdale you need a result in Toronto still