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  1. hoolifan27

    Top 4/top 2 - what it might take

    No Ridyard no top 4 And no one will beat Toronto at home
  2. hoolifan27

    Top 4/top 2 - what it might take

    Toronto London w Toronto Dewsbury w Toronto barrow w Toronto Leigh w Toronto Sheffield w Toronto Batley w Toronto Rochdale w Toronto Fev w Total 43 Toulouse Toulouse Batley w Toulouse leigh w Rochdale Toulouse w Sheffield Toulouse w Toulouse London w Barrow Toulouse l Halifax Toulouse l Toulouse Dewsbury w Total 34 Halifax Leigh Halifax l swinton Halifax w Halifax batley w barrow Halifax w Halifax Fev w London Halifax l Halifax Toulouse w Halifax Rochdale w Total 33 London Toronto London l London Rochdale w London Swinton w Batley London w Toulouse London l London Halifax w Fev London w Barrow London l Total 30 Leigh leigh Halifax w Toulouse Leigh l dewsbury leigh w Torronto leigh l Batkey leigh w Rochdale leigh w leigh Swinton w Leigh Sheffield w Total 30 Fev Dewsbury Fev w Fev Barrow w Sheffield Fev w Fev Rochdale w Halifax Fev l swinton fev w Fev London l Toronto Fev l Total 30
  3. I think if Ridyard is out for a while you will not make the 4 he as been your standout pplayer on videos I have seen and most the points you score come through him
  4. hoolifan27

    Fev V Fax

    Just thought I would see what you are expecting for the weekend. Looks like a fairly strong fax team with no main players out injured apart from possibly Adam So fax 26 Fev 12
  5. hoolifan27

    Idiot who threw firework banned

    same Muppet was also involved in the yates fight prior to kick off.
  6. hoolifan27

    family stand

    TBF The winky winky Halifax chant is not two bad some get annoyed by it but only like us singing 1 Margret Thatcher at you lot. Swearing happens in all chants from all fans its how it is. Thin fax have a side in the seats which you will be removed from now if you swear though
  7. https://faxtigers.wordpress.com/
  8. Just seen this is the most tickets fax have sold for an away game for a long time and have almost sold out are allocation.
  9. fax 19 Barber Douglas J Fairbank Fleming Foster Grix Heaton Hitchcox Johnston S Jones Kaye Moore Maher E Morris Murrell Salty Sharp Tyrer Woodburn-Hall
  10. hitchcox is a decent winger tbf not sure what foster is like but looking forward to my trip over sunday
  11. Halifax have foster and hitchcox this week confirmed along with season long loans maher and douglas
  12. hoolifan27

    Kids season tickets

    So would be accepted at the ticket booth at fev and no need to go to the fax club shop to sort if so that is perfect thanks
  13. If we get the players from Cas as we are expecting am going for 18-32 to Fax If not and no dual reg then fev 26 fax 14
  14. hoolifan27

    Kids season tickets

    Are Halifax kids season tickets accepted on sunday or do we need to exchange for a ticket prior to the game