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  1. Haven 1

    Whitehaven 2019 Squad.

    Excellent news was always signing back for us after the way he was treated by the town board.
  2. Haven 1


  3. Haven 1

    Town v jam part 2

    Haven by 1
  4. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Are you a Haven Board member then ha ha because you like to fabricate thing too councillor dont you.
  5. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    is this another one you dont have any evidence for but say you do then when challenged cant provide it BS, Bitter.
  6. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    plenty of town fans on the haven forum
  7. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Ah here hes back head in the sand how you getting on getting info off your board did you find out how much town have in the bank. yeah thats the one hes one although i disagree with the slagging off bit.
  8. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Did you not read the paper yesterday ??? chairman said the 60k has been raised. Go on the haven forum read what Jammy Dodger has to say should pretty much clear everything up for you.
  9. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    as stated at the meeting there was a 60k shortfall for the remainder of the season, harvey was putting in 33k some of that was to sign players new training gear etc but of course as you town fans know so much about it you must of been at the meeting too.
  10. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    the club has no debts now the fans and general rl fans have raised the money to pay them
  11. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Do you ask your transparent board whats going on .wasnt long ago most was complaining on here about the lack of communication from town until Gary Mc came on but then he left in a cloud of mystery, what about your board members leaving or a well know business man buying shares in your club nothing in the papers or that you have upset a long term sponser who is now talking to Haven .Short memories of alot of things on here plus alot of buried heads. i find it quite funny how people on here talk about the apathy for barrows board being open and honest but they wernt 2 years ago when there money troubles started or the fact the nearly never got promoted due to there financial hardship or the special measure they were in before the season started they only came clean when it is do or die so the begging bowl came out but thats ok haven no where near as bad but our directors are shocking and cant run a club dispite pumping there own money in to keep it a float.
  12. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    you really are grandad
  13. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Wrong again Geordie your making a habit of this arnt you. Maybe the reason why town fans don't really engage with you on here.
  14. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    marstons brewery
  15. Haven 1

    Town V Haven predictions

    Why would i want to ask they have secured a deal and im happy with that. dont need to know figures. You must ask the town board how much every time a new sponsership is secured do you How open and transparent is towns board by the way im pretty certain you are as daft as you look.