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  1. 2 Super League games in 2 nights where i have questioned the level of quality of our 'elite' competition. I have been playing, coaching and watching super league my whole life and last night was the first time I have ever turned off a game from complete boredom. Hull KR and Catalans in that first half were abysmal and that game doesn't deserve to a super league game, but then again what does? We talk about the Australian game and how we could catch up, yet Leeds (Which i would say is our best side in super league) fell apart this morning and i don't see the 2 sides putting up a fight tomorrow. I am a Widnes fan so i'm not just having a go at the teams below us for not making the competition 'elite' enough. Tonight's game was not as bad as Thursday nights but not much better. Less handling errors but honestly ask yourselves, what team posed a threat to the opposition tonight? How many line breaks were there in that game? 2/3? I don't remember many and was that because of good defences - No. Summary: -Hull KR still look like a championship side - Catalans look like an amateur side - Australian game leaps and bounds above ours with no way of catching up - Warrington are a shadow of their former selves (at least in my opinion as biased as it is) - And for Widnes, i'm all for youth academies, but relying on youth week in week out is not what you do in an 'elite' league. Maybe i'm pessimistic but I just want the league to be better, The league that's being broadcasted and labelled the 'elite' in our country is so far not up to standard. We want bigger and better marketing deals for this game and we want to propel it worldwide, maybe sort out the quality on the field too because this is the worst class of rugby teams i have known since I was born (2000 btw). Oh and don't get me started on the refs. I'm not one to blame the refs for defeats and i'm not going to, but the amount of times Eddie or Barry or Terry tonight questioned the decision of the Ref, for both teams mind you, was appalling.