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  1. Poor game in poor conditions played by two poor teams and managed by a poor referee. Neither team looked like they wanted to win it, wakey couldn't ground the ball when they crossed the line, and Cas didn't look like they could cross the line by any means other than a forward pass. Both teams look destined to finish outside of the top 4.
  2. Widnes couldn't play today because they're playing on thursday so the kick-off was agreed between both clubs as it gave equal rest periods
  3. Safe journey over to all the Widnes fans. If you haven't seen, the western terrace is closed so head to the eastern terrace, the seating is also being made available for all so avoid any reserved seats but get yourselves out of the worst of the weather
  4. First half yes, but you never came back out in the second half and Leeds never looked like they would lose it. I enjoyed watching tonight's game, and you were certainly well deserving of the win
  5. I wouldn't go that far, KR were nowhere near Wakey in the opening game either. Take nothing away from that win, but the games leading up to tonight have been poor
  6. Time for Stone to go, they are playing completely flat and offer no threat in attack or commitment in defence
  7. Both teams are scoring a similar amount on average so far this season, but Widnes are conceding more tries that Wakefield. I suspect it will be a tough game, but the home advantage and stronger defence will likely see Wakefield take the two points. I'm expecting a score of around Trinity 22 - 16 Vikings, but I wouldn't be surprised if the score was flipped or either team had a blow away win
  8. Wakefield are also a work in progress and still nowhere near their best. It's a long season and a steady loss against another top 4 hopeful is nothing to be worried about. I can't see either side being title contenders though. Saints will likely top the league and win the GF, with either Hull or Leeds taking the cup spoils. I'd be more worried for clubs who hope to make the top 4 and have lost to teams in the bottom half of the table than a team who was beaten by another top of the table club
  9. A very meh sort of game. Neither team looked particularly dominant and the score line somewhat flatters Wigan, even though it say they were just worthy of the win. Both teams looked quite weak in defence as evidenced by Wigan crossing the line 7 times (2 disallowed, 1 was a 50/50 call) and Wakefield crossing 6 times (3 disallowed, 2 were 50/50 calls). Both teams will likely be pushing for a top 4 spot come the end of the season
  10. Catalans have performed admirably at home against the current top 2 unbeaten teams, I suspect they will have too much for KR to handle
  11. Not too fussed about wakey winning (though it would be nice), they've had a strong start to the season but this is their strongest opposition so far. Keeping Wigan close and defending well is all I ask for
  12. Can't say I'm surprised with the result, Huddersfield looked good in the first half against Wakey last week and you could tell that they would put some tries past teams with weaker defences
  13. I honestly think they will make the top 4, but the first target for every team is to secure their position in the league for next year
  14. 19 games to go before the split and Wakey only need 6 more wins to likely make the top 8, anything beyond that is a massive bonus
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