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    Firstly on behalf of Blackbrook thanks for the messages of support. I don't usually get involved with this kind of thing but I would like to just put a couple of facts over. We decided to resign from The NCL on Friday Afternoon and made them aware of the situation and I phoned Beverley straight away to let them know also. On hindsight perhaps we should have resigned at the end of last Season however we wanted to stay but unfortunately it's not worked out. We have a great squad of 13/14 lads who will turn out every week and several more who have been finding difficult to travel due to work or family commitments. I sure all clubs have similar issues but our squad has been too small to handle it. Blackbrook and Blackbrook Royals are one club the Open Age have 'Royals' on the shirts and the Under 18's and First Team regularly train together. I will be honest I'm involved with Open Age so I leave Youth Rugby to others (can't do everything) so I'm not savvy with the rules etc. The Royals usually loose a lot of players at 16's to Pro Scholarships which has a knock on effect to our 18's and Open Age. Yes I'm sure other clubs have the same problem but we seem to really suffer however it's what we are there for It would be fantastic if they all make the grade it's what we want for the Lads. Mr Smeaton we had 17 at St Annes one of our players felt too ill when we got there so we left him out. Anyway sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go forwards Open Age Rugby is alive and kicking at Blackbrook. We have had positive talks with The NWML and hopefully we will soon be playing again . Good Luck to all your Clubs and hopefully we will see you all again one day.