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  1. Eric Bristow


    Not quite sure how Keighley have found themselves in the mire again. They've been running with an inexpensive squad and a coach who will hardly have cost the worth. I'm assuming it's historical debt?
  2. Eric Bristow

    Batley Bulldogs

    It was time for Ainscough to go, I feel. Lots of effort, but not pacey enough to warrant a spot on the wing at this level these days. He seems to have been constantly injured over the past two seasons.
  3. Eric Bristow

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    The limited number of competitions in modern RL is, in my opinion, one of the reasons why fans have drifted away from the game. When I was a kid, we had the Yorkshire Cup, the Regal Trophy, Challenge Cup and Premiership to spice up the league season. IIRC, the Yorkshire Cup and the Regal Trophy were discarded at the behest of top flight clubs due to a concern that there were too many games across the season.
  4. Eric Bristow

    Menzie Yere & family face deportation

    Some form of skullduggery clearly afoot here.
  5. Eric Bristow

    Dave Scott and Michael Ward

    In my opinion, Scott should be one of the first two names on the Scotland teamsheet (alongside Danny Brough). The guy is a class act and ridiculously consistent.
  6. Eric Bristow

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Because they'll probably offer him more spondoolicks and maybe a full time deal?
  7. Eric Bristow

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Halifax or Featherstone.
  8. Eric Bristow

    Bulldog Inbound = Joe taira

    Quite shocked by this news. My assumption was that Sheffield had signed every single available player outside of Super League.
  9. Eric Bristow

    Reittie, Farrell and Tomlinson

    I like Farrell.and think he's got lots of talent. However, he very rarely delivers and his discipline is very poor. I'm loathe to see him leave as he might realise his potential elsewhere. However, at this stage he's not a great loss.
  10. Eric Bristow

    Dual Reg scenario for next year

    Dignity? Self-respect? Clearly things of the past at Fev if your attitude is anything to go by. You're clearly being used, isn't it obvious?
  11. Eric Bristow

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    Noble is one of the biggest mercenaries/charlatans in the sport.
  12. Eric Bristow

    Forum MOM 2018

    Exactly. My worry is that there'll be a release clause in his contract (as has been the case with precious players who've signed for us) and he'll be with another club by the start of the season. I hope not.
  13. Eric Bristow

    Wanted prop forwards

    I wouldn't have Delaney even if Leeds were paying us. He's absolutely finished.
  14. Eric Bristow

    Batley v Swinton

    A solid enough performance from our boys to end the season. However, how disappointing were Swinton? Supposedly fighting for their lives yet put up very little resistance. I'd be having a look at Kyle Shelford if I were Diskin, though. Very impressive.
  15. Eric Bristow

    Sam Wood signs

    Farrell's problem was that he isn't close to being good enough at this level.