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  1. I'll be absolutely staggered if we get within 20 points of them. Dewsbury 34 Batley 6.
  2. Not at all a knee jerk reaction. Aside from the Widnes effort, our performances this season have been atrocious, by and large. The rugby we're playing is dire, disorganised and ineffectual. No-one would be that upset if performances had been decent and the losses had been unlucky.
  3. I have to disagree with this. A poor coach can only destroy a club if allowed to remain in his position by his employer.
  4. Underestimated? No, it's more to do with the fact that we're playing like a Championship 1 team.
  5. Whilst the win over Widnes was hugely pleasing and I was cheering as much as the next fan at the final hooter, can we please be realistic? The Widnes side we faced was badly depleted with only three or four recognised professionals in their line-up. We struggled to beat a side comprised mainly of recent Academy products. So yes, fantastic to get the victory and hopefully it'll be a springboard to success. However, I'm not yet going to start singing the praises of a coach who has presided over our worst start to a season since the dark old Thornton days.
  6. The utterly dire Everett and out of form Tomlinson for me.
  7. Brearley has to be in the starting line-up for Sunday. He's an absolute no brainer for the loose-forward slot. Bags of class and all-around ability. No doubt the coach will have different ideas.
  8. Radney Bowker from Leigh and the later Barrow. A hugely talented stand-off who just seemed to fade out of the game.
  9. It was an awful side, yes. If Harrison hadn't immediatey been able to snare Handforth from a bankrupt Doncaster, we'd have been relegated. Our best hope this season is to replace Diskin with a coach who will instil some nastiness, aggression and organisation. It's unlikely that a gem like Handforth would be available.
  10. I actually think that Jouffret has talent. However, it's becoming increasingly apparent that he isn't anywhere near good enough to be the fulcrum of a team playing at this level. Ditching Walker was a huge mistake. Essentially, we let a player of enormous experience and class leave on the basis that Jouffret looked pretty good against Barrow and an unpaid, demoralised Leigh team.
  11. Guess it's subjective, but genuinely struggling to see how Jouffret is even close to anyone's top 3.
  12. Yeah, the two short kick-offs had me in raptures. I could barely contain my excitement on the terraces. In fact, those kick-offs more than made up for the terrible second-half performance. If we keep trying them, we might eventually catch one. Something to build on anyway, onwards and upwards! PS The new toilet paper in the gent's is far less abrasive than the old stuff. Why all the doom and gloom?
  13. One of the issues for us is that, even if we were to bring in a new coach, the majority of our players aren't actually good enough if we're honest. Scott, Leak, Manning and Brown (when at his best) are very good. Wood is promising. The rest are well below par.
  14. Soul-destroyingly poor.
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