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  1. Apologies for beating the dead horse with another post on the structure I should have probably looked through other post to see the endless stream off the. Seems my lack of knowledge definitely shows.
  2. So to start with I’m a new fan of rugby only following the sport closely for the past 4 or so years, so this structure my have huge flaws I’m unaware off so I’m open to feedback and suggestions. While I don’t mind the current structure of the super 8s and feel that this system could work with further investment and adaptation, I understand the want for a change. However the suggestion for the league to change to one 14 team fixed league with no promotion would be a huge mistake and undermine the hardwork teams like York who are putting in by addding a block to their potential growth. The idea of two leagues certainly seems like a logical idea tier 1 and 2 with potential for a feeder league if you will, my suggestion would adapt this idea with the current super 8s system. The concept I have would be quite a radical change that would most definitely need adjusting for the fans and from the league team, I would split the league into two equal test one east on west, the east league would contain teams from the east off England and France while the west obviously would contain teams from the West off England, Wales and maybe America. These leagues would contain around 12 teams so 24 “top flight teams”. During this phase the teams would play amongst themselves , side note I feel each week being a more local game would increase the attendance for these games. After 24 games in these leagues they would split with the top 6 from east and west coming to play in the finals league, game one off the finals could potentially be the magic weekend top east vs top west ,second be second etc. This is where I’m struggling with the rest off the idea in terms of what to do with the rest of the league the bottom half off the leagues, how many teams should be in these leagues, and I’m sure more obvious things I’m missing, but I do feel this would bring excitement and most definitely growth to the sport.