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  1. Raz

    July 28th vs. Featherstone Rovers

    Not a very strong effort overall, but no major injuries going into middle 8s is probably the only real result that matters from today’s game.
  2. It seems like it’d be foolish for them not to field the best team available to them in a must-win game. Were they intentionally sitting people out or are you talking about injuries? That’s a different situation than what I’m talking about regarding Toronto’s line-up today. Anyway, I feel like my entire second paragraph commending Fev’s effort is being overlooked in my post, so I’ll just leave it as this: I guess we’ll see what happens in any potential middle 8 game between Toronto and Featherstone. No excuses to be had for either team after that one since they’ll both be playing the best teams available to them.
  3. They’re not injured, they were intentionally rested. That’s my entire point.
  4. Yes, Toronto was sitting out almost a third of their starting lineup today in Wallace, O’Brien, Stanley and Paterson. You’d have to go all the way back to week 9 to find a game that one of those players didn’t score a try and they’ve contributed 2+ tries in all the following games through week 22 except one (week 12, which was a game where only Wallace was playing of the four). Toronto sat out a ton of offence for today’s match. Featherstone absolutely played a stellar game, but let’s not pretend that Toronto was fielding their best team today.
  5. Absences of Wallace, O’Brien, Paterson and Stanley could definitely be felt today for pushing through the Featherstone defence. Still full marks to Fev for an excellent performance in any case. But if this loss (and the one earlier in the year to London) help eliminate Leigh in the end, I guess it’ll have been worth it.
  6. Raz

    fevnut's blog: Toronto v Fev

    Looks like that’s last week’s link. This is the one for this week: http://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2018/07/fevnuts-blog-toronto-v-fev.html
  7. Batley players are flopping all over the place and the refs are just eating it up. Looks like Neymar out there for the Bulldogs.
  8. Raz

    London Broncos Game

    The announced crowd was 7300 and change
  9. Raz

    Magic weekend

    Yeah, the main forum is pretty decidedly anti-Toronto. Not sure how much of that is just because of last week or plain old jingoism. Probably a mix of both.
  10. At least the ref mistakes don’t seem to be affecting the result today. It’d be a lot worse if this was a close game and those small points mattered.
  11. Maybe it’s because all the SL teams have the option for VR and it’s up to them to install it? I’m just speculating. Championship teams aren’t allowed to use it even if they wanted to I don’t think.
  12. I’m assuming it’s so two teams don’t get an extra game with the benefit of video judges. It does seems weird to intentionally not use a resource available for this match though.
  13. Raz

    Magic weekend

    Well that makes up for it I guess.
  14. Alright, well I guess they’re just going to give free points to everyone today.
  15. I agree. The ref is doing a great job. Touch judges... not so much.