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  1. Raz

    Widnes Game

    Time to print off a £250,000 novelty cheque to bring to next year's game.
  2. Raz

    Million pound game

    Ref got the result he wanted. Hard to beat 14 men on the other side.
  3. Guess it’s time to print off my £250,000 novelty cheque for when Widnes comes to Town next year.
  4. So another season of watching Toronto destroy a bunch of part-time teams in uncompetitive games. Yay. Remind me again how that’s “good for the game”?
  5. I mean, it’s honestly a bit of a farce to pretend that a team that’s gone 23-2-1 against Championship teams should have to stay in that division regardless of today’s match. I get the spirit of this game, but forcing a team with that record (and 5-2 in the qualifiers) to run roughshod over the rest of the part-time teams again next year is short-sighted. It’s not competitive rugby at all.
  6. Guess Toronto is going to have to beat both London and the ref if they want promotion.
  7. His fingers stayed on the ball the entire time!
  8. Raz


    Both. It’s been raining and under 10C for the last couple days. Hopefully it clears up a bit more for next weekend, but it’s very possible for it to be a pretty cold, wet day (which also likely wouldn’t help attendance since there aren’t any covers over the stands at Lamport).
  9. Yep. Apparently literally handing the ball to the other team when inside their 10m line is their version of it.
  10. Still waiting for this "respect for the competition" from Widnes that the league and team insisted would be present for today's match.
  11. Widnes playing with the desperation of a team with 250k on the line.
  12. That would absolutely backfire on them if their half-a-team lost by more than 24 points to Halifax. No point in taking that risk.
  13. Raz

    Million pound game

    Well, Toulouse getting stomped takes some of the drama out of tomorrow's game. Toronto can't finish any lower than 5th at this point. Still 3rd place or home field for the MPG worth playing for tomorrow for sure though. A win or at least keeping it close should be the main goal.
  14. It's have to be by over 20 points at this point. Edit: Make that 24 points.
  15. Raz

    July 28th vs. Featherstone Rovers

    Not a very strong effort overall, but no major injuries going into middle 8s is probably the only real result that matters from today’s game.