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  1. Bulldog Down South

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Like I said I wasn’t able to attend. Given the result, I have no doubt that Dewsbury played better than Batley. I’m not bitter about losing, that’s sport, I just want a team to compete
  2. Bulldog Down South

    Enough is enough

    A sad state of affairs after the euphoria of two seasons ago
  3. Bulldog Down South

    Dewsbury v Batley part 3

    Admittedly I couldn’t attend today but followed in Twitter. On paper, that 17 should have been able to beat Dewsbury IMO. We don’t seem to be able enough to defend and that’s just not good enough. I don’t mind losing, but I want a team that can compete and play for the full 80. I can’t see where the next win is coming from and teams below us keep picking up points. I fear for us after the split