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  1. Fax lad

    Hunslet P

    As much of a pessimist That I am, surely with all the youth teams every club has, their should be a good production line of talent coming through, as long as the lads keep their interest in the game and not drift off, although it isn’t just r leagues problem, I’m finding that amateur football and local cricket is really suffering , 2 many distractions for today’s young men
  2. Fax lad

    Hunslet P

    Fantastic season by h c p , let’s see if they are still a force in 20 years time, like west hull, siddal Leigh miners and st pats etc
  3. Fax lad


    Same here hinsletgreenngold, think he should have the team sheetsbin large lettering, will count how many times he utters the phrase can’t speyk.... good luck to both teams
  4. Fax lad


    Correct , Paul wood would make a good co - commentator , anyone that can talk sense and st least do a bit of homework on the game, siddal went into a recent game at Thatto heath on the back of 3or 4 losses, Morgan tells the public they r on a rich vein of form with 3 wins on the trot 😩
  5. What’s everyone’s view on the commentators, am I alone in thinking Trevor hunt is excellent, but as for Mick Morgan he talks absolute rubbish, ok mick wen u said I can speyk a few years ago it was funny, not to carry on saying it week In week out, get rid and put someone decent behind the microphone
  6. Fax lad

    End of season play offs

    You gave it a good go yest rammo, good luck next week v egremont then one last effort 👍....Sid smu 😜
  7. Fax lad

    End of season play offs

    What is the latest team news on tomorrow’s games ,are all 4 sides at full strength?
  8. Fax lad

    End of season play offs

    Only a fool would back against hunslet, but you never know, west hull very capable of an upset
  9. I went over to sharston v queens in semi final of nationAl cup about 2011 if im correct, won by 2 points with a Russian winger kicking a conversion from the touch line
  10. Ok thanks for that my friend 👍
  11. Hunslet green and gold, when u say a lot of your lads came through your juniors, don’t want to sound petty but am I right in thinking u didn’t have a junior set up, that’s why u merged with parkside, I’m sure U will understand my question, is having no junior set up also the reason why sharlston rovers have never entered the conference, as they have had some cracking sides in years gone by, cheers in advance
  12. Fax lad

    this seasons relegation

    Though it’s nice to see some new up and coming clubs emerge it’s a crying shame that some famous and household named clubs are in demise..we will have to wait and see what the future brings .