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  1. our kit is being picked up on thursday hope its ok for them
  2. the y being picked up this week for the charity thank you everyone at the eagles hope they come in very handy
  3. I would if the club will let me its just that we are so short of funds anything i get helps us to surivive at the mo if i could get a signed ball for us to use in a raffle or auction i would donate it like a shot no questions sorry to be like that but i cant give them away just yet
  4. Hello my rugby league team st ives roosters ( cambridgeshire)have a complete set of old shirts for sale cheap they are blue with red sleeves and shoulders and have st ives roosters on the chest but you could get a swen on patch for that and on the back has roosters and numbers 1-17 for a team that needs a kit they are great to get started with we are looking for around
  5. and it is what please
  6. I dont know but the channel is called MSK
  7. if you are missing watching th nrl comp check out ch 433 on fridays saturdays and sundays both live and recorded full highlights of the round just in case you are not getting enough rugby on the tv oh you dont need to upgrade to skysports either good eh