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    Copy and pasted ;- " Batley Bulldogs have announced ways they intend to pay tribute to their President Ron Earnshaw who sadly passed away recently. Chairman Kevin Nicholas stated on behalf of the Club “Ron was a unique person and very special to everyone at the Club. His contribution throughout his lifetime to keeping this Club going has been immense. From being a programme seller as a child to being a Director, Chairman and ultimately our President, he has dedicated much of his life to raising money for the Club and is a vital part of our history and heritage and as such will not be forgotten. His ashes have now been placed in our new Memorial Garden which is where Ron would have wanted to be.” Batley Bulldogs already have the Ron Earnshaw Terrace where he would often stand when he was in good health and which itself if a tribute to the man. The Club have now confirmed their latest proposal: 1. In recent years when he had mobility issues he tended to watch the game from his own place in the Vice Presidents Lounge. The Club have therefore commissioned a plaque to be placed there with the words “Reserved Ron Earnshaw. Our President” and that place will remain for him. 2. On match days the Club intend to rename the Vice Presidents Lounge so it will now be known as the “Ron Earnshaw Lounge”. The Club are also replacing the Vice Presidents Scheme with a new “Ron Earnshaw Club” where supporters will be invited to join to enable them to take their place in the Ron Earnshaw Lounge prior to home games. Full details of this will be announced shortly. 3. Each Season the Club will have one game which will be “Ron’s Match” as a kind of remembrance when the Club will also try to raise money for the Rugby League Benevolent Fund Charity on that day. It is thought that next season it may be the match against Sheffield as the Grand Final game against them was the last match before Ron passed away. However the exact match has not yet been finalised and will be confirmed as soon as the Club are able to do so. 4. On the 13th December it is Ron’s birthday and so the Club would like to have their Kit Launch at the Club on that night when the plaque will be unveiled and his life will be celebrated as well as making a further announcement on the night which the Club believes will reflect Ron’s wishes. 5. The Club are also shortly to launch “Ron’s Breakfast Club” which will be a regular social gathering of supporters aimed especially at those who are retired to come to the Club on a morning for breakfast and a chat about life and rugby in general. Ron used to come to the Club daily for a similar gathering and this is to continue the tradition and open it up to more people who can enjoy the company of like-minded friends. The launch date will be announced shortly. Chief Executive Paul Harrison went on to add “These are five ways to remember Ron and will also help fundraising to an extent which is what Ron was all about. It will be strange in 2014 without Ron but his spirit will be with us then and for many years to come. We did intend replacing the Vice-Presidents Scheme in any event and also try to improve the Vice Presidents Lounge and Boardroom. This now seems a perfect way of combining things with a tribute to Ron. In the same way that the Bryan Cooney Suite is now an established part of our ever improving ground, the Ron Earnshaw Club in the Ron Earnshaw Lounge will become an integral part of our Club for many years to come which is obviously a fitting way to remember him.” Finally Director Andy Winner concluded “My dad Bill established the Memorial Garden last season and to have Ron’s ashes there is something the Winner family are proud of as the garden is the Club’s way of remembering our loved ones. It certainly ensures Ron will be an ever present at all home games!” EXCELLENT IDEAS . RIP Ron
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