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  1. I'd just like to thank the board, the trust, the coaching staff, the players, the chairman, and everybody connected with the club for rekindling my passion for the Lions. After the contempt, cloak and dagger, soviet style dictatorship we've endured during the previous owners stint in charge, the new Swinton Lions Club is a breath of fresh air. Openness and a willingness to be approachable has made our club a family club once more. Thank you to each and every one of you! #eatemlions
  2. Barnie

    Mick Govin

    Gov is a bit if an enigma. He can be a world beater, he's got everything in his game. It just seems to be his attitude that isn't quite right. The guy should be SL not league 1!
  3. personally I think the ref had a thankless task. Conditions were not really the best for RL and he bottled out of a few sendings off. It could have quite easily ended up 12 playing 10. How your scrum half stayed on the pitch is beyond me. However, it was an enjoyable game and one I think we deserved to win and if we had held our nerve I think we would have. All the best for the season and we'll see you for the return match at your place. Just need to remember where I've put my passport now lol.
  4. I take it by dual reg you're talking about yours as Swinton don't have a dual reg partner this season.
  5. Barnie

    Trust Press Officer

    Does the trust have a dedicated Press Officer. Somebody who is there to build relationships with contacts in the local press and push the case of the lions forward. Being a press Officer is far more than just sending out news its the ability to get your news out there.
  6. Barnie

    Trust Statement

    I take no delight in this but I think the end is near!
  7. Barnie

    Sundays Match Officials

    Ref C Leatherbarrow TJ C Waywell TJ M Woodhead RR T Selby TJ Coach F Hawley MC K Leyland
  8. Barnie

    Phil Joseph

    Has just joined Widnes on a 12 month deal. hope he goes well for them.
  9. Seems like more bad news.