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  1. West Hull

    It's a long season I think wests will come right lots of quality still down there
  2. West Hull

    Retired - Scott partis Lee Roberts Aaron spaven Josh harte Pro- Dan Parker George lawler Jack Lazenby Pucko to skirlaugh Plus az higgingbottom gone to Australia and Sam Cator out long term injury all these played in both grand finals last season hard to replace but the young lads that have will soon start to click!!
  3. Big Hull Derby

    Yeh sorry bad typo thanks tomorrow night.
  4. Massive game tonight at west should be a good one. 7pm kick off
  5. Very long year bad day all round for us yesterday and oulton played well
  6. Challenge cup

    Craig Todd is a top player hope he plays a year for dockers know he works away a lot
  7. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    Doubt that can't black Ryan steens boots that lad
  8. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    Strong again next season
  9. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    Calm yourself davo it's a joke
  10. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    He signed 1 year extension at west
  11. Hull Dockers 2015 season.

    Who they recruited