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    Baildon, West Yorkshire
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    Old time supporter, ex Wheelwright student left Dewsbury around 1965 and spent a couple of interesting years working in London before returning to get maried and live in Bradford in '68.

    Always followed the fortunes of Dewsbury, though the recent game against Bramley was the first game I've watched at Rams stadium. I'm told they have 'Super League' teams in Bradford and Leeds, but I'd rather travel a little further to watch 'my' team. The team I supported in the days of Mal Kirk, Mick Lumb, Jackie Marchant and Jimmy Ledgard.

    Ex Bank Manager, Market Trader, Courier Driver, Barman, now a full time writer. Played my last game of Rugby at the age of 46 (and scored), before going on to run the London Marathon twice 3 hrs 57 minutes, a time I couldn't get close to now :o(

    Still got one or two things I'd like to do, places I'd like to see
  1. Bonjour Philippe, mon nom est Chris -(Ossy), et je regrette que je parle la Francais un peu seulement.

    Ma epouse et moi appuyons Dewsbury Rams, et ont fait beacoup des ans. Nous ne venons pas a Toulouse en Fevrier, mais Aout !!! Oui, certainment avec nos amis de Dewsbury.

    Bonne chance pour la saison a venir.

    Chris et Sheila